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More than often you will find a lot of food in these low and large box-looking gray dumpsters.

Luxembourg has one of the highest GDP in Europe (and thus also in the world) which doesn't say that much about whether the country is rich or not yet there are loads of supermarkets from which a lot of food is thrown out.

Luxembourg has twelve cities, even though the only real city is Luxembourg City - the rest are rather towns with a city status. There are also smaller towns and villages in this small country. The cities of Luxembourg are: Luxembourg City, Diekirch, Differdange, Dudelange, Echternach, Esch-sur-Alzette, Ettelbruck, Grevenmacher, Remich, Rumelange, Vianden, and Wiltz.

Legal status of dumpster diving

As of yet there is no law to forbid dumpster diving in Luxembourg. As in this article the police if they arrive will only tell you to go away: "Police issued a verbal caution.". The sentence "The practice of dumpster diving is not permitted in Luxembourg" is most likely an addition of the author but it has no legal standing.

Some experiences of dumpster divers in Luxembourg: "Once a police van stoped right in front of the big compactor from where we just recovered six huge bags of food, one of them came round the van and asked us what we were doing and when we told him we were getting vegetables from the garbage he said it's good and that it's no problem, turned around and left."

Media about dumpster diving

In general it is best that one avoids mass media when it comes to dumpster diving as the large media groups are sponsored by large supermarkets and are not allowed by contract to make their sponsor look bad. Such is the case with the following report done by RTL in 2011 in which a few supermarkets are presented as wasting food but only after a report on Cactus (which sponsors RTL) as a bio fuel pioneer was included just before that part:

People have been caught by the police while dumpster diving but were always let go directly without being arrested. This is proved by some divers as well as this article although the phrasing of the article is confusing.

In April 2013 a teenager was crushed and killed in a dumpster in the morning when the garbage truck came to pick up the trash. Although the reason for why he was in the container is unknown, the time at which he was there might indicate he was not dumpster diving. See this article.

Free Stuff

Free Your Stuff Luxembourg (FYSL) is a large group on Facebook where one can GIVE AWAY stuff (including non comercial information i.e. no ads, job offers/ excluding animals) and can find what one might NEED: The group has a document (not up to date) with a list of the places in Luxembourg where people might deposit stuff as in a freeshop:

Free Your Food Luxembourg works on the same principle as FYSL but restricted to food:

Free events or activities:

FYSL Logo.jpeg

Cities and towns

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is the capital of the country.

Dumpster diving:

  • The Match Beggen (Centre Espace) supermarket (address: 233-241 Rue de Beggen L-1221 Luxembourg) has a couple of small brown containers right behind the building which are easy to access and usually have fruit, vegetables and pastries. A bit away more in the open there is a compressor which is good to avoid to go in. It's usually on, with the contact key in it, and you could possibly operate it by following the directions written on the container next to the operation buttons, and then disconnect the electricity to avoid any accidents - however, it is always to stay safe and not to risk life because of some discarded food stuff. (Last checked: October 2012)
  • The AD Delhaize supermarket at the address 242 Route d'Esch in Luxembourg is on the right hand side of the street as you climb up the hill coming from the city even though on online maps it shows something else. Behind the building of the supermarket there is a container locked with a chain to the rails but which can still be partially opened. Candy, biscuits and other sweets can be found. (Last checked: April 2012)


Differdange is an industrial town with a status of a city, in south-western Luxembourg.

Dumpster diving:

  • Lidl supermarket (address: 170 Rue de Soleuvre, Differdange, Luxembourg) has a large metal container and three other large grey plastic containers filled with everything from fruit and vegetables to chocolate, cheese and candy. Even no need for lights or bag here since there are automatic lights that go on when aproaching the bins and next to the door of the supermarket there are always plastic bags filled with other plastic bags that could be used as they would get thrown out as well. (Last checked: February 2013)


Bettembourg is a small town and a part of the canton of Esch-sur-Alzette.

  • There is a Cactus-Marché in Bettembourg at 1 Rue du Parc. Coming from the train station go up the stairs at the end of the bus station and follow the Route de Mondorf until you reach Rue du Parc. The Cactus is on the corner so you have to look back from time to time so you don't pass it. It doesn't say Cactus but Marché although it has a cactus logo so you'll know you're there. The dumpster is on Rue de la Montagne, not locked and easily accessible from the sidewalk. (Last checked: February 2013)


Dudelange is a small town with a status of a city in the south of Luxembourg on the border with France. You can dumpster dive at following places:

  • The Aldi has an open and unguarded metal container. (Last checked: January 2011)
  • Match supermarket. (Last checked: March 2011) Personal experiences: "Match supermarket has a big red compactor for which you SHOULD UNPLUG THE POWER CORD to make sure no accident will happen while you are inside. Easy to open by pushing down the safety trigger that holds the buckle of the lock. Looks complicated but actually quite easy. Full of everything!! There are also some smaller plastic containers, the types that have wheels in the loading area of the supermarket next to another red compactor (it is for cardboard only). In those small containers you can find bread and pastries as well as vegetables and fruit. There is a camera but no one ever came while we were dumpster diving there... - anonymous user, March 2011


Esch-sur-Alzette is a town with a city status and a population of 27,146. It is Luxembourg's second-most populous town.

  • The Cactus supermarket (address: Route de Luxembourg, L-4222 Esch/Alzette) next to Kultur Fabrik is hard to access because of all the crawling under the surrounded fence. Once inside there are low containers with a cow symbol on them containing lots of fruits and vegetables. WARNING: it is a trespassing violation, so do it on your own risk! Directions to the place: From the center of Esch or highway Luxembourg - Esch / Alzette, follow the rue de Luxembourg. From Schifflange or motorway south Dudelange - Esch / Alzette, follow Boulevard Aloyse Meyer. Coming from the motorway south Pétange - Esch / Alzette, follow penetrating Lankelz, then left on Boulevard GD Charlotte, then right onto rue de Luxembourg. (Last checked: February 2011)


Junglinster is rather a village but you can dumpster dive at the Langwiss industrial zone:

  • The Aldi has an open and unguarded metal container. (Last checked: November 2011)
  • The Delhaize has an metal container. It's locked but you can use a three-square socket wrench to open it. It's full over everything! (Last checked: December 2011)


Wasserbillig is a small village on the border with Germany. You can dumpster dive at following places:

  • The Lidl has an open plastic container in front of the garage door. (Last checked: December 2011)