London, Ontario

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London is a city in Ontario, Canada.

Go-Home Weekend

The best time for free curbside goodies is during what students call "Go-home weekend", which is usually the first weekend in May. The weekend after most exams are finished, curbs around UWO and Fanshawe become covered in a wide variety of items. You may find pots and pans, chairs, shelves, cupboards, speakers, sleeping bags, TVs... Your best bet is to pick an area around UWO, and scour every street, preferably with a truck or trailer - you'll probably find enough to fill it.

Dumpster diving locations

  • Masonville Mall:
- Has flowers in a green "organics" bin. They are often cut up, but are usually in good condition if you get there shortly after 9:00PM.
- There is a large green bin, but it is usually just mixed mall trash. There might be occasional good finds.
- The mall does not have a lot else, most of the garbage from the mall probably is put into a large, sealed trash compactor that can't be accessed from the outside.
(Last checked: Oct.2010)
  • Petsmart near Masonville
- Pet toys
(Last checked: Oct.2010)
  • Michael's Crafts on Fanshawe Park Road
- Picture frames, glass, and candles.
WARNING: There is often a LOT of glass in this dumpster, be careful.
(Last checked: Oct.2010)
  • Corner of Hyde Park and Fanshawe Park Road:
- There are many, many dumpsters in this area around Walmart, and not a lot of distance between them if you're walking.
- EB Games, The Source, and English Butler can be particularly rewarding dumpsters.
(Last checked: Oct.2010)
  • Argyle Mall:
- Walmart sometimes has food items that are still sealed, and not past the expiration date. The Walmart dumpster is the furthest one around back behind the "mall".
- Sportchek throws out plastic clothes hangers that are better than the cheap flimsy Dollar Store ones.
(Last checked: Oct.2010)
  • Highbury and Huron:
- Talize has an amazing dumpster for housewares among other things. Easy to find and access but no top. So rain or snow ruins things.
(Last checked: Oct.2010)
  • White Oaks Area:
- They most likely use a large trash compactor.
- Best Buy often has some goodies, but they use a steel-lid dumpster (see below).
(Last checked: Oct.2010)

Steel Lid Dumpsters

Most Future Shop and Best Buy stores use this style of metal dumpster. They are filled from inside the store, and are challenging to get into, but not impossible. They are smaller than most other containers, and have a heavy steel lid is very difficult to open without several people. BE CAREFUL IF YOU ARE GETTING INSIDE. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO IT ALONE. You really won't be able to get out if you get trapped inside. It works best to have 2 guys on either side push up the lid, and then have a 3rd insert some sort of wedge to hold the lid open. While they are cumbersome and usually not worth the trouble just for getting in a dumpster, the best tool for the job is a ratchet jack or high-lift jack.

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