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Ljubljana is the largest city and capital of Slovenia.

Open markets

veggies from the market

There is a food market (Monday to Saturday) on the south bank of the river between the Dragon Bridge and the Three Bridges area in central Ljubljana. Vendors begin closing up between 4 and 5pm and just leave all their older food and cartons on the ground for city workers to clean up a few hours later. During these "gap" hours one can usually find some fruit, greens, chestnuts and such.

Personal experience

"I never come hungry nor with empty handed from that market. The state of the vegetables isn't always the best but still more than enough to enjoy it. Plus, there is a "flower-power" street at the market :) " - unknown user, Avgust 2013.

just another summer day... at the open market

Dumpster diving

You can sometimes find some amounts of produce in a bins of smaller shops as well as bakeries. Bigger supermarkets are forced by law to give away their "waste" food to homeless centers, or distribute it to farms as animal feed.

Personal experience

"Asking for old bread in the bakeries in the evening works pretty fine as well ... Or we just had an expert with us ! " - unknown user, November 2013.


Vegan dinner in Infoshop, Metelkova

Vegan diners

Every Tuesday, 7pm - Infoshop, Metelkova street. [Donations: 2€ +]

Every Thursday, 7pm - Rog Factory, Trubarjeva street. [Donations]

Food not bombs

Every Friday, 3pm - in front of Jalla jalla, Metelkova street. [Donations]

Dinner at Hare Krishna's

Every sunday they have the day of "open doors" at the center, everybody is welcome to join the ceremony (starting at about 3pm), later on also a beautiful vegetarian meal is served. It's located in Tivoli, not far from the center.

Free food for homeless (if in need)

Sandwiches: every day 11.00-12.00. Karitas župnije Marijino oznanjenje – Ljubljana, Prešernov trg 4, LJ.

Lunch: every day 11.30-13.00. Zavetišče za brezdomce v Ljubljani, Poljanska cesta 45b, LJ. (shower, might sleeping)

Lunch: every day 11.00-13.00. Kapucinski samostan in Dom Marijinih sester, Mekinčeva ulica 12, LJ.

Dinner: every day 18.00-19.00. Vincencijeva zveza dobrote – dnevni center za brezdomce, Plečnikov podhod 1, LJ. (shower, washing clothes, help)

Breakfast + Dinner: Zavetišče božjega usmiljenja (sestre Misijonarke ljubezni), Kališnikov trg 7, LJ. Only for men. (higiene, might sleeping)

Cold meal, tea: Tuesday 17.00-19.00. Župnijska Karitas Štepanja vas – Ljubljana, Mekinčeva 1, LJ.

P.S. if u recycle too much food and you will want to share it, they will always be happy to accept it.

You can also bring it to: Društvo za pomoč in samopomoč brezdomcev Kralji ulice, Pražakova 6, LJ