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Livorno is a coastal city in western Italy which might offer you some freegan opportunities.


  • Mercato Centrale, in Piazza Cavallotti, is the main vegetable market in the city. It's possible to collect free food at closing time, between 12.30 and 14.00. (Last checked: December 2010)
  • Pam (corner Via del Bosco - Via Roma), has a couple of dumpsters in front of the supermarket. In via del Bosco there's also a Dico with accessible containers. They close their dumpsters at night. (Last checked: December 2010)
  • Conad, in via Fagiuoli, also has containers on the street in front of the supermarket. (Last checked: December 2010)
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Non food

Bikes from Poste Italiane
  • Euronics, a media store located in via Lampredi 129 in the commercial area of Porta a Terra, keeps its trash in huge containers behind the shop. Those are not always accessible, but often they put heavy objects (TVs, household appliances etc...) outside the container. Stuff can be damaged, but working. (Last checked: December 2010)
  • The post company, Poste Italiane, has a storage and some offices in via Masi 23, in the industrial area near the main train station. They put big pieces of trash (office furniture, bikes, helmets and cryptic postal devices) next to the office on the parking lot. (Last checked: December 2010)


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