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Dumpster diving findings in Kaunas.

Lithuania is a country in North-Eastern Europe.

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Dumpster diving

It is not easy to dumpster dive in Lithuania but it is possible to gather some amounts of food for free. Food markets in major cities are the most common places for searching after food: after they are closed (but not yet cleaned of the trash) one can find plenty of discarded vegetables on the ground. Checking supermarket dumpsters is also worthwhile although one should not except too much: to the disadvantage of Lithuanian freegans, many food stores do not dispose food right after its shelf life is over: many unpack these items (if possible) so that the expiration date is not visible anymore, and sell them at a discount. Such actions are not yet strictly controlled there, and it is generally known that food stores won't throw away even a black-dotted banana so easily, although food stores like "Rimi" and "IKI" usually do not comply with this pattern.

The legal status of dumpster diving in Lithuania is most likely non-existant and/or not known.

Wild Foraging

Wild foraging is a popular activity in Lithuania. Some people manage to get up to 70-80% of all their food only by eating wild fruits, beries, herbs, mushrooms, etc.

It's good to know some basic information about Lithuanian flora before trying to find food in the nature. Luckily, just a few types of plants are poisonous and they aren't very common. It gets more complicated with mushrooms, because many of them are not edible and some are even deadly poisonous. The best way to learn these things is to go foraging with someone who already knows all the information. Special sites, like Plants For A Future, can also be very useful (see also "Maistas randamas gamtoje" in Lithuanian).

Clothing/stuff swap

It is pretty easy to get new old clothes and some other stuff for free in Lithuania: one just has to know where to search. For that just use one of these websites:

  • - share, give away or get anything for free
  • - a social sharing service for exchanging any goods
  • - clothing swap; there are also options like selling clothes or giving them away for free.

Food Not Bombs

Every last Saturday of the month Food not bombs event takes place at "Reformatų" square in Vilnius. Part of the food distributed during the event comes from dumpsters.


Vilnius and Kaunas have freecycle networks, see city pages for more info.


  • Nemokamas maistas & Nemokamas maistas #2, two informative blog posts about freegans, dumpster diving and food waste in general (in Lith.)
  • "Grynas" Article 1 and article 2 are two great pieces on freeganism and dumpster diving, the latter has even a link to Trashwiki! (in Lith.)


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