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Linköping is a city in Sweden with about 98,000 inhabitants.

Free stuff

You can find various kinds of furniture, household items, electronics, some clothes, books in or near special containers for bulky items. Containers can be found near residence houses. It is common to leave apartment for rent emptied when moving out, and people (e.g. moving to other towns) often throw away many good things. Most furniture is thrown away in May-June and August-September and on weekends. The availability of trash depend on the area. In addition, you can take free stuff from at least some central recycling stations.


Skäggetorp is a very good area for finding furniture and other household items mainly because containers for bulky items are available to everyone. Many people dumpster dive there, but still much of stuff is left to be thrown. Finding means of transportation for the bulky stuff you take can be solved at the place: look around for shopping trolleys (often you can find some next to containers, or further away around the houses).


Ryd is also a good area to dive in residence trash.


In Lambohov area there are fewer containers for bulky items in comparison with Skäggetorp. Many people living there are obliged to bring their bulky "trash", such as furniture, to the recycling stations in Jägarvallen (Malmen station), Gärstadsverken or Ullstämma (someone checked these?) themselves. Despite that, some household items, clothes or even small furniture can be found in so called "Recycling rooms" (in Swedish: "Återvinningsrum" ("grovsoprum")). However, only residents have access to "Recycling rooms", and only to those closest their place. So you need to be a resident or to have a friend living there (you need a key).


Check these places out:

  • Prästbolsgatan 1
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Central recycling stations

Central recycling stations (Swe. återvinningscentral) are places where people bring a lot of stuff at a time, usually with trailers. Most of the stuff is brought in spring. Link to the page about recycling stations in Linköping, with opening hours listed, from website of company which operates them (in Swedish). There are cameras and you are not allowed to take stuff from recycling stations (this statement needs checking).

  • In Malmen recycling station there are many huge containers for different items, such as "soffas, etc.", "textiles, etc.". When an item gets into container, it is immediately smashed; it would be dangerous to take something from it. If you want to get free stuff in this recycling station, you need to 1) come during opening time 2) look at what people brought in their trailers from a bit of distance, wandering around 3) ask a person who just brought an item you want to take, whether s/he can give it to you, before s/he throws it in a container. However, fridges and other similar electrical appliances are not thrown into containers, but are being put in one place on the ground. Probably you can just take one.

Dumpster diving


Ica is a good place for finding food (Google Maps). (Last updated: January 2011)


Rusta throws away some household items. (Last updated: June 2010)

Willys - in lucky days you can find some food there, beware they have compactors. (Last updated: June 2010)


Willys - in lucky days you can find some food there, beware they have compactors. (Last updated: June 2010)

Skäggetorp has three major food stores - Willys, Netto and Lidl. At least Willys and Netto seem to have dumpsters over the Skäggetorp Centrum garage (, with surveillance cameras and security guards patrolling by night.


Hemköp - in lucky days you can find little food there. (Last updated: June 2010)


Netto - in lucky days you can find some food there. (Last updated: January 2011)


Coop - trash compactor. On saturdays you are garanteed to find bread and pasteries in the small dumpster next to the trash compactor (Google Maps). (Last updated: September 2012)


Ica - unlocked container. Really close to small neighborhood (Google Maps). (Last updated: September 2012)


Lidl - Mondays and Tuesdays seems to be safe bets to get all sort of stuff meat/bread/vegies/candy etc most anything you can think of except dairy products maybe the occasional cheese but thats it. About 10 or so dumpsters. Sunday is a no go in my experience no food usualy and a lot of trucks going deliever food or something so a lot of people around the dumpsters and like i said not really mutch to dive for.

Update: A Sunday 2016 - seems still to work to dumpster here. ([1]).


Ica - Usualy some meat ([2]).


Ica - Container and a couple of dust bins. Lots of food in the end of the week. (Google Maps). (Last updated: June 2015)

Dumpster friends


  • Check out Linköping University's notice board: students sometimes give away furniture, books and other stuff, especially in December-January and even more often in May-June.
  • Freeshop Ja tack (eng. "Yes, thank you"). Give away what you don't need, take what you need. It has two locations:
    1. Nygård Skäggetorp or Rusthållaregården 1, open Mon and Wed 17.00-20.00. Search for the little house with flag "Återbruksboden". You can find there all kind of stuff including a lot of books. Articles about this location (in Swedish): here and here.
    2. Rydsvägen 66, open Tue and Thu 17.00-20.00. All kind of stuff including furniture, clothes, books (mostly Swedish ones), dishes. This place in Ryd is more popular than the one in Skäggetorp. When in the freeshop, you have to put a stick note to show the item is taken. People stand in a queue for some time before the opening, in order to be the first ones who enter and put a note on things they want to take. However, people keep giving away stuff during opening hours, there is no need to hurry to be inside at the opening.
  • Second hand shops take away stuff, but to take it from the shop, you need to pay some amount of money. These shops usually can arrange taking away your large items (or probably just many items) themselves.
    1. Myrorna, located in Platensgatan 6 in the city center. Open Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat 10-16, some Saturdays open till 17; Five times in 2011 the shop will have longer opening hours on Thursdays. The shop takes all kind of stuff, except electrical appliances. You can give away stuff during opening hours. For the clothes, shoes and textiles, the shop has special containers around the town, standing next to other recycling containers at residential areas. It is possible to dive in them, but it is not very convenient because of the way they close; it's at least better to do for two people together, not alone. The shop devotes it's profit to social work with children, handicapped, homeless, poor people, immigrants, etc. Website in Swedish.
    2. Hjärta till hjärta (eng. "From heart to heart"), located in Gottorpsgatan 51, in industrial part of Linköping, called Tornby. Open Tue and Thur 17-19, Sat 10-13. You can give away all kind of stuff you can think of at opening hours or leave it in nearby standing blue container (but beware if it is too full, e.g. clothes can become wet from rain). Probably you can take stuff from container for free. The money from sale goes to operation of the shop. Website in Swedish.
    3. Prio1, located Roxtorpsgatan 18 (in Tornby). Open Mon-Thu 10-18, Fri 10-17, Sat 10-14, Sun closed. If you don't have a car, they are willing to take your stuff themselves, no matter it is not much you are giving. You can call or sms them and arrange when they could come and take the stuff you no longer need. Phone of the person responsible for picking up stuff: 0707889322. They sell furniture, clothes and other things. They say that they repair some things and then sell in the shop. Website in Swedish.
    4. The webguide of secondhand shops in Linköping. It might not contain all the shops present.
    5. add more?

Free electronics

  • Linköping University throws a lot of still possible to use (or in need to be repaired; or some detail is missing) electronics, such as desktop computers, computer monitors, sometimes laptops. They are located in different buildings, on the very bottom floor. To access it's electronics trash (because it is needed to be done in the late evening in order not to disturb employees, who take care of electronics, you will need a special card), you need to be an employee or a friend of an employee of University. To access some of the free electronics, it is enough to be a student. ATTENTION! There have been at least one case when dumpster diver was "cached" by security guard (due to passer-by notice) in a public space (not the trash rooms), who called the police. Security guard explained that university gets some money for trashed electronics, so taking things out of the dumpster could be regarded similarly to theft. Police decided not to take any actions by themselves (most probably due to neat appearance and explanation that diving was done for the first time, without knowing it was not allowed to take something what is supposed to be thrown out), but to inform university. It was up to university's bureaucracy to ask for a fine, but nothing happened. It is better not to take too much electronics at a time, so that you would not look like strange to a random passer by, to avoid these kind of situations.

Clothing/other stuff swap

The part of movement "Transition towns" in Linköping, called "Omställning Linköping", set up a clothes' swap where one could have also repaired clothes for free. Check their website for upcoming events: (Swedish). The group has a subgroup "Clothes and recycling" (in Swedish: "Kläder & Återbruk"). They always plan swap events. You might wanna join them!


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