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Leipzig is a city in Germany.

Dumpster diving

There are some opportunities for dumpster diving in Leipzig.


  • Rewe on Riebeckstraße 10-14: bins are located on the parking lot left-side of the building, with a ladder nicely assisting to jump the fence ;) (Last checked: May. 2015)
  • Penny next to Kaufland on Täubchenweg has bins locked away in a small compound next to the delivery entrance, but it has been found open in the past. Note that pastry delivery is as early as 3:30. (Last checked: May. 2015)


  • Metro on Geithainer Straße 60. The property of Metro is secured with a large fence at night and the only way to go around this is to jump over the fence or crawl under those large gates that slide from side to side. You should be really careful as this could be considered as a higher degree of trespassing as you have to reach their loading dock and find the dumpsters there. (Last checked: May. 2015)


  • Konsum on Fockestraße 4. Bins are on the right side of the building, surrounded by a fence, but you can open the door easily. If the doors do not open then it should not be a big problem to climb over the fence. It's about 2 meters high.
  • Lidl on Windscheidstraße 1: There are three trash bins secured in an area that's locked and only reachable by squeezing underneeth the fence. I was able to do it but I am really slim, so if you are skinny enough you could do it. Be careful not to wander near the loading zone because you will activate the automated lights and it takes ages for them to turn off.(Last checked: May. 2015)
  • Netto Market on Bernhard-Göring-Straße 81. The area is secured with razor wire on one side and a wooden fence on the other side. Doors are secured with spikes on top so I would ignore them. Your best bet is to climb over the wooden fence to the north. There is a lot of dumpsters here (around fifteen) and you are bound to find something. This is located next to the parking lot and there is a lot of light surrounding the area so be careful when going in and out of it. (Last checked: May. 2015)
  • University on Bernhard-Göring-Straße 107. These seem to be to dumpsters that belong to the local university. I discovered this by accident when I was walking from one supermarket dive to another. Didn't find anything useful but there was a lot of food leftovers (was not edible) in plastic containers. This leads me to believe this is a good place to get food. The area is secured with a green fence. I was able to open the door but they could be locked sometimes, and I've noticed one of the dumpsters has a lock on it but it was not set. (Last checked: May. 2015)
  • Aldi on Arthur-Hoffmann-Straße 113-115. Aldi has two trash disposal areas here. One is locked, contains a few bins and dumpsters and has a mounted light that is motion activated, which means that when you enter inside you will lose your stealth ability. This spot has been dived in the past as the fence has been cut to create an entry point. The other area is located to the west of the first one and has four trash bins if I remember correctly. The bins are surrounded by a low wall high as the bins themselves. (Last checked: May. 2015)

Give-away shops

  • There is a freeshop Umsonstladen in Giezser16 (address: Gießerstraße 16). open mondays and thursdays, 3 to 8 pm.


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