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Leiden is a city in the Netherlands.

Dumpster diving

Leiden is dumpster diver's heaven. When you find yourself having to form teams, using several cars and endless bags/boxes, while still leaving half the produce in the bin... you'll know you're in Leiden. Unlike dumpster diving on other Dutch cities, best finds in this city are found in supermarket bins. Plenty of vegetables of course, but the biggest finds will be dairy and meat products. If you're lucky, you'll even find soy milk and soy yoghurt. Often the bins are so full that the lids won't close, and you'll be wishing you had several more arms.

Many dumpsters are locked behind the doors, but there are enough of other good options in the city. Best way to find out where to dumpster dive is to get in touch with local squatters.

Places to dumpster dive

Free stuff

There are central collector points where you can switch and swap goods with others... depending on what you all find. Get in touch with the local squatting scene for more information.

Food Not Bombs

Every second Saturday there is Food Not Bombs where food is distributed to passers by, often in the BeestenMarkt, or outside Central Station.


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