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Le Mans is a city in north-western France, located on the Sarthe River. Traditionally the capital of the province of Maine, it is now the capital of the Sarthe department, a part of the Pays-de-la-Loire region.



Sargé-lès-le-Mans is a commune on the North-East of Le Mans.

Rossignol had his favourite skipping experience in France at an Aire (motorway service station) on the A11 in this commune. On the way to 'La Zad', Rossignol and his fellow hitchers were camped overnight in woods on the edge of the Aire, and hungry the next morning, slipping under a fence where the main buildings are found that if you can crawl behind the big container you reach a ladder that takes you over a wall and across a roof to the back of Paul the bakery ("boulangerie" in French). Despite the fun of the 'Tom Clancy style' adventure and the sight of the sandwiches and cakes in a Paul bag, the realisation hit that it was going to be harder to get back without being seen, so waiting for some minutes around a corner trying to form a plan, it was lucky that a delivery was made and the gate was opened. To the shock of the delivery driver, greeted him with 'bonjour' and scampered across the car park back to the woods with the black plastic bag over the shoulder... Well worth the experience! But be careful!! (Nov.2011)


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