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Kirkenes is town in east Finmark, far north, far east and close to border with Russia, on the another side of fjord, than Vadso, Vardo.

There is great place at the entering of Kirkenes, by lake with water jet. Big Extra hypermarket is there,by main road. There is open dumpster by the road to shop. It is big metal container, which is easy to go inside, and it is not locked. Peter found there plenty of bread, lot of fruit, plenty of bananas in Summer 2017. This place with lake and water jet is good hitchhiking point too, there is bus stop. And about 200 m from the road, by the lake is cottage - old Sami house style, where is possible to sleep and making fire.

There are another shops with open dumpsters too, at least one shop close to church. Pieces of bread was found there.