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A happy dumpstered fruit&veggie face!
Dumpstered food in and around Kiel within one hour. Amazing and upsetting at the same time... but the trash-police was around and now the good food is save in the fridge and cupboards, this is going to be a huge great meal for a bunch of hungry people! "Dumpster Dive, Dumpster Dive, everybody take a dumpster dive! Heeeey, come dumpster dive with meee!"

Most of the supermarkets bins in German city of Kiel are put inside cages which are locked. Bread, buns and such from the bakeries usually are stored in the back of a building and are only accessible with a key.

Despite that, you can score at a few places.

Dumpster diving opportunities

  • If you follow the road Eckernförder Straße down to "Aldi" (close to "Max Bahr") you will find unlocked dumpsters with no fences around - you can find lots of funky fruits in there. (Last checked: 2010)
  • Right outside "Max Bahr" and the "MAX" is a "Rewe", surrounded by the fence which is possible to climb, inside you will find really great stuff: letuce, sausages, poultry, bread, and such. (Last checked: Sept. 2010)
  • Another good spot is the "Rewe"-market in Projensdorf across from the students hall. (Last checked: 2010)
  • The dumpster at "Aldi" and "famila" at Prinz-Heinrich-Straße in Kiel Wik are good for fruits and vegetables. No fences or locks, but there is a gas station which closes late and secuity cars driving over the parking lot every hour because there's a bank nearby. The brown ones with the food in it are emptied on wednesdays. (Last checked: June 2010)
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