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Kerkyra is a town on Corfu island in Greece, and is every diver's dream. Not only you can score huge amounts of food but also people might offer money when they see a white person skip. There are tons of immigrants of a different skin color who aren't that lucky, but none of them hungers in this town of plenty.

Places for dumpster diving

  • Supermarket in front of San Rocco square (sandwiches, pastries of all kinds, veggies). Thursdays exceptionally good. (Last checked: June 2011)
  • Don't miss the inconspicuous garbage can by the bus station, sort of behind the supermarket Dimitra. Tons of good stuff, sometimes not even expired yet. (Last checked: June 2011)
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Free drinking water

Just before the first trafic lights before the new port entrance, going from Gouvia to Kerkyra, there is a well with free water. Very close to the port and a store that has red tractors in front.


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