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For all kinds of tropical fruits (Mango, Bananas, Kiwi, sometimes even Papaya) in huge(!) amounts, head out for Weinweg, Großmarkt CC Shaper. At the Small Bridge (where the Railway crosses), you will find a hole in the fence right next to the Gate (GPS 49.008319, 8.444460). Then, follow the Street until you stand right next to this Office Building. Usually, some of the Containers are right next to it, the others are "hidden" right behind it (GPS 49.009578, 8.447481). Also, there is a Container with Plants (Flowers, Herbs) at GPS 49.007546, 8.444546. You will find people still working there even in the middle of the night, but at least all the truck drivers we met so far didn't care about us. One time, there were like 10 to 15 people dumpster diving at the same time so I guess the Shop owners will know what's going on. There is one security guard having his office at the main entrance. Once we talked to one of them and he was really friendly.