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Karasjohka is far north, one on main places with Sami culture. There is Sami parlament and Sami museum. There is big crossroad with E6 towards Alta or Kirkenes and Road 92 towards Inari or Tromso - roundabout down in the town.

There is Coop market downhill from Sami museum, close to crossroad and gas station. Coop market has big open metal dumpster, it is easy to get inside. Container is locked in one side, but another side of container is open. Front-doors are open too, but it is difficult to open it.

There is Rema 1000 too in Karasjohka. Rema 1000 is located close to coop market, downhill from Sami museum. It is not so big store. There is black plastic dumpster behind, but dumpster was empty in this time.

Karasjohka is one of coldest spots in Scandinavia (like Neiden, Kittila, Kautukeino), and temperature can be there bellow -40, bellow -30 in quite often in winter time. -51.4 was there in winter 1999.

Last checked: March 2018