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Isla Vista (California, US) is the area where the students of the University of California, Santa Barbara, reside. It's a really beautiful place and worth visiting for seeing a typical US student lifestyle if you are interested. It is almost entirely populated by students and thus it is a great party place with high chances of getting free drinks in house parties.

Dumpster diving

  • Buchannan hall cafe - On the university campus near Buchannan hall there is a cafe which sells a lot of fresh pizza, sandwiches, bagels, pasta and salads. The dumpster is located quite close to the bicycle parking and is good to go to after closing time. Bags full of food can be found almost daily. Often the pizza is still warm. (Last checked: January 2011)
  • Coral Tree cafe - Also on the UCSB campus. Dumpsters are around the back of the building. (Last checked: January 2011)
  • Company presentations - Look around campus for posters of company information sessions. They almost always have free pizza or other very good food for people who attend. These events are mostly held between October and December. Companies like Microsoft, Google, IBM as well as other types are known to come.
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Free stuff

  • There is a freebox on the corner of Seville road and Embarcadero del Mar. Here you can find a lot of very good quality clothes that students don't want anymore. Check daily as there are people bringing new things every few hours. The box is locked at night and also at the end of the school years due to people throwing out way too much stuff during that period.
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Map with locations

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