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I Love Trash is a documentary about the art of dumpster diving. Just how much do we throw away? David Brown and Greg Mann try an experiment in trash. Starting with an empty apartment, only the clothes they were wearing and a flashlight, David and Greg find everything they might otherwise buy in trash cans and dumpster. All their food, clothes, electronics, art materials and entertainment, all out of the trash.

They find many others who dumpster dive for all sorts of reasons. Artists, students, environmentalists, doctors, teachers, collectors, and spelunkers. There are as many different reasons for dumpster diving as there are dumpster divers.

There is an excess of wasted in the United States. In I Love Trash David and Greg explore dumpster diving as a way of not only cutting back on consumption but of finding worth in all the materials around them. They show how every necessity in one's life can be found and that dumpster diving is a pro-active way of recycling that anyone can engage in at any time to any extent that they want.

Watch it on youtube.com or buy DVD (release date: October 23, 2008).

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