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Hungary is a country in the middle of Europe.


In Hungary, including Budapest (the city of 2 millions) the freegan lifestyle is not widespread. Dumpster diving is still the "privilage" of homeless people. In most of the people's eyes it is considered to be a big shame to do that, no regard which social class you belong to. Dumpster diving was criminalized in 2011 in some cities, and some districts of Budapest.

There is a small-scale freegan movement in Budapest.

In some cities every district has certain days few times a year when people can put everything they don't need (used furniture, electronics, books, etc.) out in the street. Official cleaning services remove everything the next day. These days are called "lomtalanítás". One has to note that during this time following happens:

1) Some people go during the night, around 2-3 a.m. when no one's awake, and take what they find useful. This is the only socially accepted way of doing dumpster diving-like acitivities (not valid for higher social classes). For example, some pubs in the city of Budapest have the interior built up of thrown-away furniture which was collected during lomtalanítás.

2) There are some people who come early in the morning and sit on each bunch of thrownaway thing, and - look how tricky it can get in Hungary! - they are selling them to you. It is not recommended to try to take anything from there without paying. It is also possible to get stuff for free from them if you can arrange it with them.