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Hobart is the state capital and most populous city of the Australian island state of Tasmania.

Dumpster diving

Shops usually keep their dumpsters in underground carpark that close up before dark, so your only chance for these are to go during the day. Other developed and urban parts of Hobart lock their bins. Don't go to the effort of fixing the locks to suit yourself, there are plenty more bins.


  • Newtown (North of Hobart, postcode 7008)

Woolworths at 192 New Town Road sometimes keeps its dumpster easily accessible in the private parking located on the Montagu street (see map) (in this case you would need to pass 2 office windows with curtains). It was once spotted Friday afternoon - the bin was almost empty, but already had few things to collect: yogurts, juices, packages of salmon. This spot was also checked Sunday afternoon, but there was no bin. It is assumed that the dumpster is normally kept inside the building and brought outside during the days of trash collection. (Last checked: March 2011)

Coles supermarket located inside the Centro New Town shopping center (1 Risdon Road) has easily accessible backyard parking, however the dumpsters could not be found. Most probably they are kept inside the building. (Last checked: March 2011)

  • Lenah Valley (North of Hobart, postcode 7008)

The dumpster of The Food Store at 116 Augusta Rd is easily accessible at any time of the day (see map). People say that in the past there used to be a sign asking not to collect food from the bin (i.e., the shop is aware of people doing dumpster diving). The container is located in the backyard parking. If you come at night: you get a pleasant privacy, there is a light in the parking, there might be standing shop's white van, and usually they leave lights on in the small windows pointing towards the container. (Last checked: March 2011)

  • Eastlands

Check Big W bakeries. (Last checked: ?)

Check Woolworths. (Last checked: ?)

  • South Hobart

Check Salad Bowl. (Last checked: ?)

  • Battery Point

Check Jackman and McRoss. (Last checked: ?)

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Personal tips/experiences

"A great idea to visit a campaign running in the south west wilderness to stop logging of old growth and native forests for ridiculous profit building reasons. Dumpstering before heading out there is easy and great for all the wonderful people on the blockade." --Luacheia, March 2009.

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