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There is some few places you can visit and dumpster diving in Central place of Helsingborg. The village is Stattena and there is a shop called Hemköp and Netto. The is a parkingplace near the laoding dock is 2 black containers backside you see 4 green trash-bins if they are not gone from the place (before you could see them not sure nowadays). and otherside you see another side the are in the front of the buildings you see some other green trash-bins. Sometimes there can be food like fruits & vegetables. When you go to Netto you are following straight to the backside o you will some apartments and a brigde beside you will se 3 big trash-bins there is variable of fruits & vegetables.

There is in the south side of the town a Village Called Ramlösa there is a Ica-Supermarket behind/ in front of the Ica you will see green or brown typ of bins together in a line. And Netto at Elineberg is also open there are brown bins. If you have any changes pleace feel free to change.(Last checked Jan-17).