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Hawaii is an archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is part of the United States.

There is monthly "bulky-item pick-up" in Honolulu (the day of the month for pick-up varies by zone), and it is best to go out looking for free stuff the night before pickup for that zone. There have been plenty of (CRT) televisions on the streets of Honolulu over the last few years (since 2004 at least), due to the transition to LCD/Plasma TVs. Computers are thrown out regularly that work fairly well, although the first thing dumpster-divers do is take the RAM and processor and leave the rest, so you have to be quick to find that stuff. Furniture is often found (beds, desks, chairs, tables, etc), although a lot of it is made of fiberboard (which is ruined when it gets wet the first time it rains after the item has been put out for collection).

Some supermarkets have programs and they generally don't throw away food (foodland or Mana). Safeway on contrary wastes so much food. The one in Lahaina has most of the time something in, usually later afternoon. If stuff see you they tell you to go away.

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