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In some places in Hamburg you can find this kind of boxes for returnable bottles/cans - this way you help those who collect cans for money. Trash to treasure!

Hamburg is a city in northern Germany.

Dumpster diving

  • "Fishmarket" ("Fischmarkt" in German) is one of the main Hamburg attractions (see on map). It takes place every Sunday morning from 4 am (in summer) or 5 am (in winter) to 10 am. Fish and vegetables are sold, along with some stuff for tourists. If you sleep on Saturday night, the best is to go to the "fishmarket" around 10 am - vendors presumably dump a lot of stuff at the end. It is OK to come before 10 am, too, since vendors dump some produce (that is not fit, according to them, for customers - but perfect for our superior immune systems!) well before the market end, too. (Last checked: 2009)
  • On Mühlenkamp, you can check the dumpsters of Penny Markt (address: Mühlenkamp 32) as well as the EDEKA Niemerszein dumpsters (address: Mühlenkamp 45). You can reach both locations via the bus stop Gertigstraße (line 6 from the central station). The Penny Markt dumpsters are always accessible and reachable in the backyard that you can enter through a passage way from Preystraße street (see the Street View) right after HASPA, but you shouldn't go there before about 11pm because the store is open until 10pm and you don't want to run into some of the staff. The EDEKA Niemerszein dumpsters are locked in a cage underneath the ramp to the parking lot, but you can access it when you walk up the ramp on the left-hand side until you reach a ladder that leads downwards to some kind of ventilation system (see the Street View). Climb down the ladder and crawl your way into the cage (you can already see the dumpsters from the bottom of the ladder, just find your way through!). It's the same as for the Penny Markt: you better go there at night because you might have unpleasant acquaintances with the staff if they encounter you. (Last checked: Dec.2011)
  • Outside Jessenstrasse 6, where the Petite Casino is opposite the Max Bahr Baumarkt (near the Frappant squat), there is a good dumpster for vegetables, at least on Tuesdays: bananas, lettuce, etc. The dumpster possibly belongs to Netto store around the corner. (Last checked: Jan.2010)


Arrive around 10pm (Mondays and Thursdays) at Rote Flora squated social centre for food leftovers at "People's kitchen", or arrive even earlier, and enjoy the environment (makng a small donation perhaps?). (Info as of Jan.2010)

Emergency freebies

  • Strictly speaking it's not really dumpster diving but if you're stuck around Altona district, the Reformhaus Engelhardt in "Mercado" shopping centre is offering bread and spread freebies for tasting. Along with the bar (find it under escalators on the opposite side) which provides free bar snacks when it's not too busy, free dates from a taster on the sweet stand, and a free Internet terminal, it makes "Mercado" well worth a visit! (Last checked: Jan.2010)


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