Greensburg (Pennsylvania)

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Greensburg (Pennsylvania, USA) is a small city about 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Rumored to have the best selection of dumpsters in the state.

Dumpster diving places

"Aldi" is mostly produce items and its usually a lot of one particular item.

"Goodwill" used to have a glorious dumpster filled with any kind of household item. Now it is a compacter, there is still a ton of furniture and bikes and things outside of the compacter.

"JoAnn Fabrics" Scraps of fabrics maybe other things, this dumpster hasn't been thoroughly discovered yet.

"Panera Bread" has a dumpster that sometimes has bread/pastries and sandwiches.

"Rite Aid" has candy, cereal, snacks, and other packaged foods.

"Seton Hill College" Very random food treasures have been found in dumpsters and around the campus.

"Shop 'n Save" has two dumpsters and you can find things in both, mostly expired items from the bakery but sometimes there is produce (beware of meat!)

"Westmoreland Mall" dumpsters near the food court yield "Auntie Anne's" pretzels.

"Office Max" sometimes has paper, backpacks, candy, and various items. Everything usually is broken or slashed however, some can still be used and other things can be repaired.

"Chipotle" has chips, salsa, piles of rice,tomatoes, corn and beans.

"Five Guys Burgers and Fries" has french fries and burger patties.

"Subway" half eaten subs and bread.

Pennsylvania Ave trashcans

There are trashcans scattered about the busy part of Pennsylvania Ave. Business peoples eat their lunches outside when it is nice out and sometimes end up throwing some of it away, course you gotta be okay with eating half consumed sandwiches.


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