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Greece might be pretty good for finding trash and rejected food. Greek supermarkets often throw away a whole lot of food. Very often Greeks leave bags of cooked food or bread hanging on the side of dumpsters for hungry people. Trash is mixed in this country so don't assume that if there is mostly normal trash in a bin you won't find anything. Try random bins, you might get incredibly lucky!

Regarding Greece, one may consider the following data:

  • of course it all depends on the season, as Greece looks more or less like a big tourist resort. If you follow the coast, in high season food is everywhere but in low season it is another story because 90% of hotel/camping/shops will be closed just like in any seasonal touristic places (along the see coast/touristic places). A good time for trash is just during closure as people will dump crazy things, especially equipments: it worth even having a van and collect chairs, tents, cans,... everything you can imagine. (Gipsys work mostly in urban area, in the country they mostly collect crap metal, and don't care about the rest. They are usually great people and if you share with them in cities can be good allies.) This takes places in late september in the north and a week or two later in the south, but basicaly averything will be closed by mid october (except in Crete and south Peloponnese, the islands I do not know). Then you will have to rely on big posh hotels, it is not always easy to find the bins but once you are there bring some bags along.
  • If you ask most of the restaurants will give you good food to take away.
  • like in many other countries around, wild dogs are really a pain because they will bark/follow you, as in those countries no dog is on a line they consider the whole street as their territory and some containers as well. They are not aggressive but it depends if you like dogs or not: if you do just share your food, if not the best way is to run after them for a second.
  • on the main page they talk about supermarkets, it is a matter of fact that beside big cities (Thessaloniki, Athens, Patra) supermarkets are real small and most of them will closed in the low season: Greece is definitely not a good country for supermarket dumpsterdiving. It is of course easy to find vegies everywhere but for the rest it is better to rely on hotels/private bins. However look for bakeries there you will find a lot. As well open air market in town/cities are good spots.
  • one greece specificity: churchs. The best address for trash food is churches: in the containers you will always find this special rice/cereals/sweet/cinammon mix which they use for funeral or other special events. Moreover if you are lucky you will find a huge feast left over: salads, bread, sweets, cakes, cheese, rarely meat though. After service people are likely to give you bread and a few coins even if you do not ask.
  • in the country side, especially in the north/non touristic area, people seeing you scavenging will give you something to eat, although it is very little - small sandwich, fruit, juice - it is a great blessing. Do not get used to it because in the south they do not care so much. Greek people usually do not invite you in their house, but in restaurants some may give you a treat or give food away.
  • in big cities you will find food (and cloth)everywhere (as I had no care nor bicycle I coundn't get to the big supermarkets in the suburb, they may have some food there though I doubt it) especially coffee which are all over the streets, and sweets. If you are able to find a social service office they are really nice, you will be provided with everything (food, cloth,... bit not accomodation), the orthodox church, the evangelists organise some give away food session on regular basis on specific fixed locations. The best is alternative link party-anarchists related political organisations which organise free spending based fooding session once or twice a week: it is like a cool restaurant with beautiful cooked food and people, of course it is politicaly oriented but it is free and interresting, they do a great job out there. In Thessaloniki look for Staki's social center which is a red iron framed door located in the corner at junction between ermou and venizelou (not sure, close to the street market area) you will find there free internet access, food, greek lessons,...
  • around big ferries terminal, on board as well, it is not hard to find food.
  • in the country during harvesting season you may find loads of veggies, but be aware of pesticides!
  • rest area along highways are good spots too.

For free stuff (finding what people want to give away), use (use an online translator, for example, to translate it to English). You will need to register before you can see the posts. It's a great freecycle site which works in the whole country. Harizo means "give away", zitao means "searching for".


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