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Gravesend is a town in North Kent, England, close to London.

Dumpster diving

Town Centre

BP Garage

Address: 139 Milton Road (Junction of Milton Road and Peacock Street)

Slightly out of the Centre to the east but still a good central spot for bread and other usual service station finds.

How to get to the bins: Two red Biffa bins are in a small fenced off area on the Peacock Street side of the garage. It can be climbed into from a small wall behind it.

(Last checked: August 2010)


Northfleet is a town to the west of Gravesend, but is connected without rural distinction, making it appear as a suburb of Gravesend.

Sites include:

  1. London Road, has a few shops that you can visit at night, with the easiest being:


Address: Junction of London Road and Thames Way (DA12 0LY)

How to get to the bins: Unlocked cage structure contains two blue and yellow bins round the back where deliveries are made.

(Last checked: September 2010)

  1. Perry Street, which is commonly described as Gravesend, but technically is in Northfleet. This is the best for lots of skipping places close together, and includes:


Address: 14-18 Perry St, Northfleet, Gravesend DA11 8QU

How to get to the bins: Just to the side down the passage way, the gate to the left is usually left open during the day.


Address: 4-12 Perry Street, Northfleet Gravesend DA11 8QU

How to get to the bins: Just to the side down May Avenue (frequently used by pedestrians), then round to the left taking the first gate you find on your left in front of the grey door. The bins are blue. Watch out for deliveries and Tesco staff on fag breaks!


Address: 180 Old Road West, Gravesend DA11 0LZ (Apparently not in Northfleet, but near Perry Street!)

How to get to the bins: Take the alley way two stores down to the left as you face the Londis, this will lead you straight to the bacon baps, and other wonders to be found here!

(Last checked: September 2010)

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