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Gothenburg (Göteborg in Swedish) is situated on the West cost of Sweden (see map), and offers quite a few freegan possibilites.

Dumpster diving

Dumpster diving is very much alive in this city. The only thing is that quite a few spots are behind fences and/or marked as private territory, which means a trespassing violation for you if you get caught, so do it on your own risk, or choose places where containers are in open public spaces.

Actual spots

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="57.7107" lon="11.986701" zoom="11" type="map"> 57.6877, 11.986701 von Normannsvägen WiLLYs 57.733542,11.889739 Temperaturgatan Netto, 4 containers 57.721592,11.936034 Wieselgrensplatsen Coop, but they give away the food to charity so don't expect much! 57.716384,12.005203 Redbergsplatsen Lidl 57.761562,12.052517 Galileis Gata Lidl, Bergsjön 57.743976,12.008464 Gamlestaden Överskottsbolaget, Gamlestaden 57.726577,11.945443 Swedenborgsplatsen Lidl, Red container 57.654827,12.014156 Mölndals Bro WiLLys, squeeeeze under the entrance, no probs if you're normally built, 1 container with LOTS of food 57.727275,11.934811 Fyrklövern Garbage room connected to mini store Fyrklöverns medelhavs livsmedel. 57.803804,12.032712 Gårdstenscentrum Netto, one food container 57.64921,12.014489 MölndalNetto Netto </googlemap>

  • Netto at Marklandsgatan 59 (57.669368, 11.936770), Behind the Netto there is a large container, the entrance to all that food being protected by a fastened polymer brush, however, someone has conveniently cut away a section so that someone who is thin can slide in (Climb on-top of the bin, squeeze your head through then pull yourself in gently squeezing through the polymer brush and pushing it up over you; it's not hard. NOTE** Noticed exposed nails on the way out, be-careful of these!). The bin is loaded full of vegetables (Tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, capsicum) and a constant abundance of bananas. Bread is always to be found; eggs and yoghurt sometimes. It's a fruitful bin diving spot. Located close to residential apartments and a bus stop (bus goes past once every 15 mins), so be sneaky ;) . (Last time checked: 09/2019)
  • ICA at Marklandsgatan 1 (57.673949, 11.934383), backside of ICA, go to the pizzeria, and walk around the house. One container, open at the sides.(Last time checked: 1/Sept/2016)
  • Willys at Von Normannsvägen (Eklandagatan, around Chalmers), one container. Weekends can result in a more successful finds. (Last checked: 01/2014)
  • Netto at Temperaturgatan, one big container, four small containers, never locked. Camera surveillance and motion sensor lights, but no trespassing violation. UPDATE (Sept 2016): Did not find any containers. They built a metal-wall locked shack outside, which most certainly has the trash containers inside. (Last time checked: 08/03/2013)
  • Coop at Wieselgrensplatsen, two small containers behind the store, on the side of the main road - BUT there is a sign that says "We donate things to some kind of charity, so don't expect to find food here SUCKERS! " (or something like this). 3/5 (Last time checked: 09/08/2012)
  • Pressbyrån at the main entrance of Sahlgrenska, one container next to the store. (Last time checked: 03/05/2010)
  • Lidl at Redbergsplatsen, all food containers are now locked. (Last time checked: 20/02/2015)
  • Lidl at Swedenborgsplatsen/Backaplan, five small containers. 2/5 (Last time checked 29/08/2011)
  • Hemköp & Willys (at Mölndals station). Walk round 300 m from the tram stop and find everything you've ever dreamed of! WARNING: it is a trespassing violation, so do it on your own risk! (Last time checked 01/2011)
  • Netto at Gårdstenscentrum, one food container, never locked. (Last time checked 24/10/2010)
  • Willys at Bergssprängaregatan open again! Don't open black plastic bags, they're from hairdresser next door and are full of hair! Not too appetizing. Willys' bags are white/transparent. (Last time checked: 25/01/2014)
  • Willys at Alekärrsgatan, at most one trashcan in the back, the rest of them are now locked inside. You need to pass a fence but som nice person has already cut it for you. (Last time checked: 20/02/2015)
  • Hemköp at Långedrag, three blue trashcans behind the store with some products.
  • Coop at Kärringberget, one blue container behind the store with mostly meat and bread.
  • hemköp at chapmans torg, down a ramp at the recycling-station, behind a wall made of metal fence. A fence-door which is unlocked (DONT LEAVE IT TRASHY, THEY CAN LOCK IT), a metalplate covers the bottom half of the door, which is perfect to sit against when waiting for personal to throw the trash and go inside again. Four-five green big bins with various findings, sometimes electronics, mostly "trash" among with food. Much diary.
  • please edit to add more!

Locked or difficult to reach

Following places were known for possible dumpster diving previously, but are locked at the moment (if you notice any changes, please update!) or are difficult to reach:

  • Garbage room connected to mini store Fyrklöverns medelhavs livsmedel (or something like that), on a bottom floor of apartment house in neighbourhood Fyrklövern, visable from Björlandavägen, not far from the crossing of Björlandavägen and Wieselgrensgatan. (Last time checked: 1/08/2012)
  • ICA at Temperaturgatan, has a compactor, behind Länsmanstorget square. Note that this is no normal container but a machine that could cause real harm - do not climb into it! Bring a long stick of some sort, perhaps one with a net attached to it so that you can haul things out of it instead. (Last time checked: 26/01/2012)
  • Partihallarna in Gamlestan, are now more or less closed. Electrical fences and security cameras, and they close at 6PM. If you dare go there during the day though, you might be able to get something. WARNING: it is a trespassing violation, so do it on your own risk! (Last time checked: 18/4/2011)
  • Lidl (Galileis gata, Bergsjön) - dumpsters are locked inside a loading bay, but you can squeeze in between the door and the roof if you are not too big. WARNING: it is a trespassing violation, so do it on your own risk! (Last time checked: September, 2013) Mondays are a bad day to go here, usually empty. Also, a tip is to go through the black plastic bags that at the first look seems to be useless and filled with receipts. This is where you can find the non-food stuff.
  • "Hemköp" (Kortedala torg) - They use a garbagecompressor that is locked. Impossible to access. On the loading bay that is open during the day there are several trash cans with plenty of food in them.
  • "Ica Ovrells" (Citytorget) - All garbage is behind locked doors and inaccessable.
  • Överskottsbolaget in Gamlestan. Access via holes in the fence. One large container and a box with random stuff. Often odd stuff found here, and sometimes non-food stuff. WARNING: it is a trespassing violation, so do it on your own risk! (Last time checked: March 2011)
  • ICA at Nya Varvet/Starbåtsgatan (Last checked: April 2011)
  • Willys at Vårväderstorget square - to get there, take a so called spårvagn (tram) nr.5 or 6. At the square stop you will see a store Willys, and behind it is a trucks-unloading site with a container. The gates are closed at night but open during store hours. Place rated 4/5. (Last checked: August 9, 2012)
  • Container outside My-Way, a small food store, on the bicycle path just by tram station Rambergsvallen. (Last checked: Dec.2010)
  • Netto in Mölndal (very close to ICA and Willy:s) has now constructed some sort of a booth around their containers. Seems to be locked. (Last time checked: 2012/04)


  • Once in a while activists from grass root organization "Klimax" have freeshops at Järntorget or elsewhere, see this Facebook group for more info.
  • A freeshop called Gratisbutiken is open for business a few hours once a week at Carnegiegatan 9B in Majorna. It started in 2009 when one of the residents at the address found too many useful things in the waste room and decided it was time for everyone to reuse one another's unwanted but fully functional items. You may take what you want without giving anything back, or leave useful items behind if you have any. Larger items, such as furniture, are traded by ads on the noticeboard due to lack of space.
  • The website Freecycle Göteborg lets their users create ads about things they want to give away or things they are looking for. One of the rules is that everything has to be completely free. You need to create an account on the website to see any ads, but it's free. Once or twice a year there is an organized swapping day, usually near Axel Dahlströms Torg, where anyone may bring unwanted items and take someone else's back home. Users of the website are notified by email when these gatherings occur, but anyone is welcome to come swap.

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