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Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. There are some good possibilities of dumpster diving in the city.

Dumpster diving

If you unlock a bin try to lock it again and remember to leave no trace or your self behind. Lots of people rely on skipping and it is totally irresponsible to leave mess or do anything that would ruin this resource. It is totally possible to get everything you need from the bins but you have to treat it with respect.

Any convenience sized food shops in the suburbs are rife for diving. Co-op, Spar, Tesco local... Hit a few stops on a Wednesday night and you won't believe what is wasted in the space of three nights. Thursday-Sunday and there is too much. I've dived in a few countries now and Scotland really is pick of the bunch so far. Biffa bins are locked using a standard triangle key which you can buy online or at a hardware shop. Happy diving! /Glasdive

Places in the City

  • Waitrose on Byres Road has good bins, apparently there is no security! However recently they have started to lock their bins, not much chance of getting them open. (Last checked: Dec 2016 - bins have been chain locked, apparently due to divers leaving trash around!)
  • Tesco at Byres Road (opposite the Waitrose) is great. The bin is usually locked but u can buy a skip key (a triangular one) from any hardware store. (Last checked: ?)
  • ALDI is great, especially the Annesland and Paisley Road West ones, which are very easy. (Last checked Paisley: March 2010 Anniesland: Dec 2016)
  • Iceland on Byes Road has booze in at least once a week and has always got tinned food or bread in. Again u will usually need a skip key. (Last checked: March 2010)
  • Health food shop GRASSROOTS on Woodlands Road is sometimes very good, if organic veg is your kinda thing. (Last checked: March 2010)
  • Summerfield in Howard Street (just round the corner from the St Enochs centre) has its bins round the side. Look for two green bins with blue lids. (Last checked: ?)
  • Tesco in Sauchiehall Street (338 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3JD) is a good skip. (Last checked: January 2011)
  • Iceland in Dennistoun usually has some fruit/veg and lots of bread and is easily accessible. (Last checked: June 2011)
  • add more?

Further out of the city


  • The Co-op (address: 81 Old Mill Rd, Uddingston, Glasgow, G71 7PF) might provide you with some juice, chocolate, sweets and fruit. Location of bins: round the back off Chalmers Court. (Last checked: January 2011)

Local divers say...

Please leave bins tidy or you will screw this amazing resource up for many people that need it. Skipping is not just a fun thing to do with your mates, it is and has always been a way for the poor to survive. Remember this when you make dumpster diving documentaries or have skipping parties as they always end in the bins getting shut down and the waste going somewhere else. Don't put pressure on MP's, the supermarkets or whatever to try and make the supermarkets less wasteful as all that will happen is the bins will be locked or the waste will be processed further away. Just take your free grub and leave! Thanks. /Skippy'