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* For Georgia in the USA see here.

Georgia is a country in Western Asia. Although you might argue that it is in Europe, due to its cultural heritage, religion, architecture and orientation towards EU and NATO.

Its capital is called Tbilisi, a town full of 'public' trash bins that are parked on every second street corner.

Eventhough it is not real easy to find thrash, the best address is probably the "baazar" which is the name for every day street market all over the country, in every small town, as well as in Armenia. By closure in the afternoon you will find a lot of stuff. It is not well considered especially if you're a foreigner, you will feel the shame and police can be pretty nosy, altought people can give you some money. Does it worth it?

In big cities containers are not bad and people care less about it, once again: mind the police, they are not used to westerners behaviours (cloth, bagpack, hair cut,...). Trainstations/restaurants are usually good spots.

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