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Fremantle is located in Western Australia, about 18 km South of Perth.

It is a good city for dumpster diving and other freegan possibilities.

Dumpster Diving

  • The glorious strip along Hampton Rd, of IGA, Peaches and then Woolworths is a winner. Park at the back of IGA and jump over the small fence (or it's open in the daytime) and there are treats in the bins there, and further along at Peaches (very good for vegetables). One block more, there is a small shopping complex area with Woolworths, round the back down a ramp are their bins - sprayed with the words 'still fresh'. Apparently also the blue bins get filled with bread from the bakery in the early morning here. In the town centre on Sunday afternoon (around 5pm) the Fremantle Market bins can have things, near the roundabout of Parry St and Market St. (Last checked: July 2012)
  • Fremantle Markets - open from Friday till Sunday, so Sunday around 5pm is a good idea to check containers on the Parry Street. Usually it is possible to get lots of fresh good quality bread, fruits and vegetables. Checking the bins on Friday and Saturday is also a good idea. (Last checked: April 2011)
  • Woolies on 39 Adelaide Street might be also a good spot, although latest reports suggest the bins have a padlock on. (Last checked: April 2011)
  • Peaches and IGA supermarkets on 195 Hampton Road - dumpsters are in the back-yard, which is closed by fence after working hours. Best time to dive: during the day (but not when the delivery trucks are there). (Last checked: April 2011)
  • Bodhi's Bakehouse has the main bakery building at 11 Ellen Street. Containers seem to be unlocked at all times. This place might be of interest to the people who search for gluten-free bread as part of their production is gluten-free. If you have an address in Australia, you can also order a free bread sample online (as of April 2011, you will need to enter a barcode of any of their product, as free sample is promoted on the labels, so you can use one of these barcodes 9312816081113 or 9312816990323). (Last checked: April 2011)
  • Manna Wholefoods - health food shop located at 274 South Terrace. Dumpsters are behind the building at the Manna's parking lot. The gate to the parking lot is closed/locked after working hours. (Last checked: April 2011)
  • Some reports say that Woolies and Coles located in the Phoenix Shopping Centre at 254 Rockingham Rd, Spearwood, have unlocked accessible bins. More information is needed.
  • For those willing to head further eastwards, Woolies in Melville (corner of Stock and Leach) has a high possibility of decent finds. Best time is 10pm onwards (Last checked: May 2013)
  • Eastbound again, Limes at Myaree (Leach and North Lake) or (Hayden court). Usually quite a clean bin with numerous packaged produce available. Open 7 days and employees work late so ideal to arrive 10pm onwards (Last checked: May 2013)
  • Winthrop IGA (off Somerville Boulevard) also offers good produce. However, sometimes a hit and miss. On occasion, bakery goods (in large black bags) are present. (Last checked: May 2013)
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Second Hand Shops (Op shops)

PortCare op-shop (i.e. "opportunity shop") on the corner of Hampton Rd x Wray Ave sometimes offers free bread and free vegetables. They also have a big selection of groceries with expired dates for a relatively low prices. This shop belongs to the "Second Harvest" non-profit organisation, which aims to provide low cost food to the community. For more "Second Harvest" shops around Perth area check their website.

Community Kitchen

Every Monday at 6.30pm there is a community dinner called "Soupi" at Fremantle Environmental Resource Network (FERN). Served meals are vegan (lots of raw food as well) and is offered in exchange of donation. Volunteers willing to help cooking are welcome to come at 3pm. This event also has a Facebook group. FERN is located at the corner of Montreal and High streets.

Local Dumpster Blogs

Mother Dumpster is a local blog documenting the prosperity of the Dumpsters within Perth, Fremantle and its surrounding areas.

Rent Bicycle for Free

Brewery Little Creatures at 40 Mews Road is offering free bicycle rent. Information about the conditions of this offer is needed.

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