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Fauske is town in Norland, by E6 and E12. E6 goes from Oslo to Nordkapp and Kirkenes, E12 goes from Fauske to Bodo (about 50 km west from Fauske). Fauske has about 7000 inhabitants. In is about 67.3 degress north, behind Arctic circle. Arctic circle center is by E6 north from Mo-i-Rana, south From Fauske. Arctic circle tourist center is on platau, about 650-680 m above sea, it is already tundra without trees an cold Summer, winter with lot of snow (because of elevation and cold summer by ocean). Fauske is by fjord, by warm Gulf stream, sea never freeze there. Position behind Arctic circle means all time light in June and July (2-3 weeks without sunset), and days around Chritmass are short, only few hours of twillight, Sun is still behind horizn, but not so deep, about 1 degres only during noon. There is Norland Dancing Line - train tracks between Trondheim-Steinker-Mo i Rana-Fauske-Rokland-Fauske-Bodo. Fauske is one of northernmost station by NSB, northernmost station by NSB on Norland Dancing Line is between Fauske and Bodo - Tverlandet 67.3019 deg. north. Two trains per day goes whole Norland Dancing line in each direction (one at day and one at night). And some local orange trains between Fauske and Bodo goes too. But there are not so many passengers and it is question, if tickets are checked there regularry. There is too harbour for ships in Fauske center. Line Bergen - Tromso - Nordkapp - Kirkenes (Huttegrutten) stops probably in Fauske too, but it is question, if you can sneek inside.

Fauske is someting like capital of Dumpster Diving behind Arctic Circle. Kirkenes is similar too, however Finmark is not so good, Norland province is great.

North end of Fauske by E6 There is Rema 1000. Big metal blue unlocked container is by south-west edge of Rema 1000. They close quite late, 10 or 11pm, but it is not so difficult to go there during day. And inis close to E6, good hitchhiking place towards north too (and there is some parking for hichhiking tiovards south too). Plenty of fruits, bread, bananas, some cakes and meat have been foud there, there is really lot of food. There is another shop, just next to Rema 1000. Extra Coop is big shopping hall. There are some containers and compresors behind. Metal box number 5 looks like compressor, but it is just box and there is some place by wall of building (about 40 cm wide), you can go in. There are few small plastic dumpsters, usualy full of food, hot of bread, yogurths, cheese and other stuffs. It is better to go really late night - stepping on metal floor can be noisy and if somebody si comming, it is difficult to see, or going out fast. Shopping center closes at 11pm, best time is after midnight. It is inside metal box, take a flashlight.

Center of Fauske is with round-about crossroad E6 and E12, there is too harbour for ships. There is Coop market too, big metal container by Coop is open, but not so good. Waste is quite mixed and it is often with fish, so everything is smelling like fish. But there is another shop just east from Coop, by sea. Dumpsters there should be good, but PeterOB haven't checked it by himself.

South End of Fauske is by scrappyard, where area with houses ends. It is part of Fauske or another town - Finnstadt. There is under hill y E6 bus stop by Spar supermarket. It is good place for hitchhiking too. Blue unlocked metal container behind Spar is visible from bus stop. Lot of bread, some cakes, lot of bananas and fruits was found there. It is not so difficult during day too, sometimes - workers from Spar come there to dump something.

Dumpsters around Fauske are great too. Bodo is last train station (but not northern-most), it is town with about 40-50 thouslands of inhabitants. PeterOB heard that dumpsters are great there, but he does not chech by himself. Rokland is by E6 about 40 km south from Fauske, and it is two train stops from Fauske. There is fuel station with restaurant and Coop market by E6 and train station. It should be open non-stop. There are some containers by south wall and few small black and one big black dumpster by west wall (near train track). Big blac plastic dumpster is great - lot of cakes, bagegetes, some meat was found there. It is fuel station, most of thing are like fast food for drivers. Rognan is more close to Fauske, only one train stop. There should be some dumpsters too, but PeterOB haven't checked it yet and it is question, if containers are open.

More far from Fauske south by E6, about 180 km fro Fauske is bigger town, Mo-I-Rana. There is Rema 1000 at south end of Mo-I-Rana, by E6. Dumpster by Rema 1000 is by south-east edge of shop. There were found lot of bananas and some bread. There is bus stop by E6 and Rema 1000 too - good hitchhiking place. More south from Mo-I-Rana is Mjosen town. Extra shop has open dumpster behind, some bread and cakes was found there. Narvik is great for dumpster diving too. It is more than 200 km from Fauske by E6, and near Lofoten. South-End of Narvik is with lot of big shops. Dumpsters behind Rema 1000 are full of fruits and bananas, unlocked. Kiwi has small plastic dumpsters, locked by triangle lock (possible to open). And there is Shell fuel station. Plenty of cakes and donnuts were found there. It is open dumpster too. Rema 1000 closes at 11pm, Shell fuel station is open probably non-stop. There is toilet and water in Rema 1000 and in fuel station too. You can get free plastic bags in Rema 1000. North end of Mo-I-Rana is with Rema 1000 too. There are small plastic dumpsters too, but they were empty during checking. 40 km more north from Narvik (it will be faster after new and expensive bridge) is Bjerkvik - crossroad with E6 to Nordkapp, Tromso and E10 from Sweden to Lofoten. Fuel station with Coop market is by crossroad (roundabout), small dumpsters are open by north wall of shop and fuel station. It is not so good hitchhiking place towards south - no place for stop. Another good dumpster is Rema 1000 in Bjerkvik - about 200 m north from crosroad, by E6, near another fuel station. Blue metal container is by west wall from Rema 1000, it is open. More far north - some open dumpsters in Nordkjosbotn (crossroad E8 to Tromso and E6), big container by Extra store. Skibotn (by crossroad E6 and E8 to Finland), Joker shop in Skibotn about 2.5 km north from crossroad E6-E8, there is small dumpster with biotrash - bread and fruit, in not so good conditions, sometimes, you can find some bread in bigger container. Tromso should be great, but PeterOB havent't checked it yet by himself. Some good place should be in Lakselv (in Finmark, about 70 degrees north), but PeterOB haven't checked yet. Karasjohka has Rema 1000 with some plastic dumpster behind, but food is in bad conditions, Coop in Karasjohk has big metal unlocked container, but it seems to be often empty. Tana Bru - Rema 1000 has good container, some bread was found there and Vadso, Vardo - there is Rema 1000 with open metal container and Kolonial Knut Bye in Vardo. But Rema 1000 in Vadso and Vardo has not so much bread. Great dumpster is by Extra big shopping center at begin of Kirkenes, there is good place for hitchhiking and sleeping too. And in north Finland - Lapland - you can find something in Inari and Nuorgam, great dumpsters are in Nattamo - small village not so far from Kirkenes and Neiden, by border with Norway, but it Finland. Lot of people from Norway goes shopping there. Lapland - Finnish part - is not so good for dumpster diving. Only Nattamo, Nuorgan and Inari works somehow. And another open dumpster is in Kusaamo, south from Arctic circle, behind Prisma. Something can be in Rovaniemi, but PeterOB haven't found anything there yet.