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Estonia is a small country near Russia, Finland, and Latvia.

Dumpstering in Estonia can be relatively easy if you have the time to look around. Turns out you can basically live of dumpsterfood if you know where and when to go. No point in buying bread, fuits and veggies.

The bigger shopping centers all use garbage compressors so go for the "food only" supermarkets, local stores and markets. Some dumpstertraffic can be seen in more crowded areas but a lot of divers are not very interested in food. The public dislikes but practically ignores all diving activity however food wasting is considered ill.

Dumpster diving in Estonia is illegal as the stores own the trash and are responsible for its "proper handling". In practice however nobody wants the hassle and the worst you can get is an angry shout from an employee who had a bad day in the office.

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