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Essen is a city in Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany (close to the Netherlands). Essen is a big city with many districts and lots of dumpsters and supermarkets. Next to Essen you can find cities like Oberhausen, Bochum and Mülheim an der Ruhr.

Essen Frohnhausen

Essen-Frohnhausen is located in the southwest Essen, next to Altendorf and Holsterhausen. There is a commuter train station called Bahnhof Essen-Frohnhausen (S1, S3).

One spot where you can dumpster dive successfully is by the Rewe supermarket. Note, though, that it involves trespassing, so you are on your own risk! The entrance is from Frohnhauser Str. but you have to turn into Rankestrasse and follow the blue-lighted driveway to get to the dumpster here. The bins with treasure are hidden behind a metallic fence, so bring a towel or a piece of carpet or whatever you find on the street to climb it. It's not difficult. Don't forget your flashlight!!! There you can find vegetables, fruits, bread, sometimes soy milk (yummy!) and other stuff like potato chips. It's every time like Christmas!

Bigger bins are outside - there sometimes you can find vegetables and fruits or other delicious produce, although for the most of the time these are useless scrap bins ;) Nonetheless, check them! People say findings include things like violin (no joke!) or deep fryers!

Do not forget to be quiet, since when you are too noisy someone can call the police.

Essen Altendorf

In Essen Altendorf, to the north of Frohnhausen, there are several spots to dumpster dive.

One of the spots is at Haedenkampstr. 6d, you can find a "Penny" supermarket there. You get to the bin when you turn into Richterstrasse. It's easy to get things there, bread and other baked goods are in plastic boxes.


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