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England is a part of the United Kingdom.

You can do some excellent dumpster diving (locally known as "skipping") in England. There are also many other freegan opportunities in the country.

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While skipping in England may qualify as theft within the Theft Act 1968 there is very little enforcement in practice. In February 2011 though there was a case of a young woman who was arrested for "theft by finding" after she helped herself to food thrown away by Tesco (see reference). Not clear how it ended for her though.

First-hand experiences

"Yo say that there is not realy much to protect skips well i got a ps3 ot of the local mnicable tip the police sent a helocopter two dogs and 3 vans to arrest me the op cost £20000 jst to arrest us they valued the goods at 47p this is gloucester for you where the police allowed two security gards to attack me in front of a cammersa cause i looked in the icland skip the footage misteriosly disapeered." (unknown user, July 2011)


  • The Scavenge UK is amongst the first UK websites dedicated to skipping/dumpster-diving. The site itself has not been updated for quite a long time, but there is an associated Yahoo group for discussing skipping/dumpster-diving in the UK and related issues. The non-copyright CrimethInc book Evasion, a well-written account of some time spent travelling the USA dumpster-diving and riding freight trains (our generation's On The Road?), can also be downloaded for free from the site in eBook form
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Counties of England

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