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When you dive, you can expect encounters with store employees who might come out to look at what you're doing: they might chase you away - or simply ignore you, take a cigarette break, and be gone again.

If your actions go along with diver's etiquette, you have much better chances to let be ignored by, or in some cases even befriended with employees. You must understand that very often it is not their fault they have to chase you away but because of the store owner policies they have to do so. If they are nice, they might tell you when is the best time to come to the dumpster so to avoid any clashes. Employees of some (smaller?) chains go even further: they might leave food in crates right by the store for you to take. Some, as experienced in London by diver Sigurdas, might let you dive for 5 minutes and only then ask you kindly to go away.

Some can be pure evil, though. For example, in 2008 employees of German "Lidl" in Stockholm poured a corrosive liquid, the equivalent of chlorine, on food that would be discarded, in order to keep homeless people away from dumpster diving (this case was filed for police investigation, and the managing director of Lidl Sweden called the incident "extremely regrettable").

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