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Eggs can often be found in bins, as they have very generous use by dates. This means they are often still quite okay to eat for some time afterward. It is very easy to test an egg to see if it's safe to eat, the simplest method being the float test. Simply fill a deep bowl or other container with water, then gently drop the egg into the bowl. If the egg floats, it is bad, but if it sinks straight to the bottom, it is OK to eat.

Often eggs are safe to eat for weeks or months after the end of best before date so long as they are properly refrigerated, although one should always perform the safety test as a precaution.


Eggs provide a great source of protein, and can be used in a variety of dishes. If you have a large quantity of eggs, you can make fresh pasta, or a quiche. Other simple meals include omelets and scrambled or boiled eggs. Excess eggs can be preserved in a number of ways (see links below for details).