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Edinburgh is a city in Scotland.


Edinburgh has a fabulous permanent and high-turnover freeshop in the Forest Cafe[1]. The Forest as it's known is an all around good source of interesting people, information, and all things hippy, so if you're in Edinburgh start at the Forest Cafe. The Forest is also a popular last stop for couchsurfers in the city who want to get rid of things before moving on.

There is another Freeshop at the Shrub Co-op. The Shrub is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run co-operative, which aims to reduce waste and educate people about recycling, up-cycling, etc. It's a kind of shop where you can swap almost anything. It's run by really friendly people. They also have the Wee Spoke Hub bike workshop on Tuesday evenings where you can learn to repair your bike.

There is a swap shop located across town at St Margaret’s House aka Arts Complex aka Edinburgh Palette. Buzz to get in, and through the doors on the left of the lobby and slightly along the corridor on the left.

Facebook Share Groups

  • The Meadows Share - A community board for those within walking distance of the Meadows to share resources, tools, skills, etc.
  • Edinburgh Food Sharers - A student run initiative to reduce food waste, connected with the student housing cooperative.


  • "Marks and Spencer" is as good here as anywhere else but obnoxiously still dyes their food blue to "mark" dumpster divers as a deterrent against it. The dye is supposedly a harmless food dye, but that doesn't make their policy any less abhorrent. The branch in Morningside keeps its bins locked up now unfortunately, the bins they use for food are kept inside. The branch on Princes Street may have bins in the alley behind the shop, off Rose Street. The Morningside branch has five unlocked bins outside, but they seem to be almost empty every time I go. There is a 6th bin they usually take out later in the night (11.30pm), which was filled up to the top. Update: During summer 2018 there are days when Morningside branch has full containers of mostly pre-made food, meat products, packed fruits, juices etc. and some days it is nearly empty, found no pattern. (Last checked: Jul 2018)
  • Co-op on 5-19 Leven Street is great for finding a lot of stuff, you just have to go during the day because at night the gate is closed. (Last checked: May 2010)
  • There's a "Tesco's Express" on Leith Walk which has promising garbage. (Last checked: December 2008)
  • "Waitrose" in Morningside has 6 red bins in the loading bay, next to the carpark entrace. Very popular among student divers, but always friendly. This is a great place for everything, from eggs, milk and bread, to fancy meat products, organic flour and tonnes of ready meals, pizzas and ice-cream - Saturday is best, but most days result in a successful haul, but you'll have some competition! It closes at 9 on weekdays, the delivery lorry leaves at about quarter to ten. Do NOT go during opening hours. (Last checked: Jul. 2018)
  • "Tesco" at Holy Corner is amazing - go at about half ten to avoid being caught by the security guard, who constantly watches the CCTV. The three green bins are in the carpark behind "Starbucks" (as is the "Starbucks" gas meter!!) Be careful of the frosted glass one way window. "I happen to know that the manager at this branch complains about the mess bin raiders leave behind, so be sure to clean up after yourself, and leave the bin area in a better state than you found it." - James, Jan.2011. (Last checked: Nov. 2010)
  • "Tesco" in Tollcross is pretty reliable, peppers, Danish pastries, bananas and curry mostly, and there are no cameras so you can easily go during the day. It is the green recycling solutions bin in the back street behind the shop It is used by many, so only take what you need. (Last checked: Jan.2011)
  • "Farmfoods" nearby has an easily accessible bin - the white Edinburgh council bin in the street round the corner. There's usually a lot of potatoes, onions and often semi defrosted food gets thrown out in bulk loads. The lid requires either a slot lock key to open it, or a damned good shove. It may seem to be impossible to open, but persevere. (Last checked: Jan.2011)
  • "Aldi" in Gorgie has a couple of bins behind the loading bay in a metal boxy cage thing. "The last time I was there, it wasn't locked, and was overflowing with vegetables." - James, Jan.2011. At Jul 2018 locked without chance to get anything. (Last checked: Jul 2018)
  • Apparently, "Realfoods" in Tollcross and Broughton Street are very wasteful. (Last checked: Jan.2010)
  • Although "Margiottas", an Edinburgh corner shop chain, often lock their bins (take a triagle bin key!) and although they don't seem to waste a lot in comparison to supermarkets, they often throw away quite a lot of useful food. (Last checked: Jan.2010)
  • "Pret A Manger" on Hannover Street across from The Mound has dumped a couple of bags of sandwiches, meal boxes and sweet things just near the bins outside, circa half 5 or 6pm. Grand for grabbing and hauling to The Meadows in the summer, it will feed a fair group of folk.
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Climate Camp

Freegans were be at the Climate Camp from 20th to 25th August 2010 in Edinburgh. A workshop was held and free smoothies made from finds were distributed like last the last camp in London.

See http://climatecamp.org.uk more info.

Related Initiatives

  • [2] - The SHRUB - swap and reuse HUB. Great place for buying used and unwanted things or getting bike repair lessons on a Tuesday evening.

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