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Duisburg is a city in Germany. It offers quite a few freegan possibilities.

Dumpster diving

Duisburg has good places for dumpster diving. As the bins at Aldi-Süd and Lidl discounter food stores are mostly inaccessible or locked, most dumpster divers would recommend you to look for Netto stores. These have a very wide range of products, and throw away lots of gourmet products, fruits, vegetables, herbs. They usually have a huge black 1000 litres container which is locked more often than the 240 litres green dumpsters for groceries and fruits - most of them are Refood bins (a company that uses food discards for making biogas). The stores usually have at least two of these green bins. Almost all the Netto stores have their bins outside. See the list for places below.

  • The Netto store in Buchholz (47249 Duisburg-Buchholz, Düsseldorfer Landstraße 87) locks all bins. Others have a fence that is locked during nights and on Sundays (47055 Duisburg-Wanheimerort, Kulturstraße 17 and Eschenstraße 131, 47053 Duisburg-Hochfeld, Heerstraße 263, 47138 Duisburg-Obermeiderich, Emmericher Straße 159), but most of them have all the dumpsters accessible without trespassing (no need climbing a fence or a wall). Even the ones that are in a row of houses without customer parking lots often have accessible bins, like the one in Neudorf (47057 Duisburg-Neudorf, Mülheimer Straße 128), where there is a gate to the backyard right left of the shop entrance. The bins are on the right, right behind the gate. (Last checked: January 2011)
  • Another good place for dumpster diving food is the CAP-market (47057 Duisburg-Neudorf, Mozartstraße 17). The dumpsters are behind the building, no fence. (Last checked: January 2011)


Duisburg has many markets (see the list) where nearly everything can be found: vegetables, bread, plants, flowers, cheese, meat, sweets, clothes, sewing supply, blankets, electronics... The market's range of product differs depending on its neighborhood. Bigger quantities of fruits, vegetables and plants are dumped on Saturdays, as most market vendors don't sell their goods on Sundays and have to get rid of them.

The most interesting Saturday markets for dumpster diving are:

  • Duisburg-Rheinhausen-Hochemmerich (Atroper Straße/Duisburger Straße)
  • Duisburg-Hochfeld (Saarbrücker Straße/Fröbelstraße)
  • Duisburg-Althamborn (Altmarkt).

These are all working class neighborhoods with a rather high percentage of immigrant communities (Turkish, Polish, Russian). All these markets start at 8 am and close at 1 pm. Come at the very end and you will find a lot.

  • For vegetables and fruits, Hochemmerich, and especially Hochfeld are recommended. You won't find a wide range of exotic fruits though, but pomegranates, pineapples, mangos, kiwis, lychees can be found there regularly.
  • On Altmarkt, there's a vendor of decorative plants (mostly for the garden) who leaves the plants he does not sell without dumping them. He usually leaves very early, around 12.30 and his stand is next to the café near Commerzbank. Be aware, the women working next to his stand wait for the flowers as well and there's no real parking spot around (just one for handicapped people) so if you're on your own, watch out and bring a trolley or something. (Last valid: January 2011)


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