Doylestown, Pennsylvania

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Doylestown is a city in Pennsylvania, USA. It is located in Bucks County with a population of 8,113 people as of June 2008. Doylestown is home to a few farmer's markets.

Places to Dumpster Dive

  • None Such Farm Market - Not entirely sure on accessibility to recoverable food (produce, meats, and baked goods), flowers and other goods, but definitely have trash cans and such behind their building. Definitely worth looking into. Workers more likely to sympathize and allow, owners may need much more warming up to the idea.(needs confirmation)
  • There are a few roadside stands that sell various produce, but it is unknown if anything can be claimed. Most of the stands are adjacent to farms, and in personal experience, Jtredd has been unsuccessful with getting employees to grant access to purged products as most of the employees are related to the farmer(s).
  • The Doylestown Free Public Library, besides having an attached cafe to the building, may provide disposed books and other library-related materials.(needs confirmation)
  • Siren Records store might have records, CDs, tapes, posters and other music related items to grab - most of which would most likely be damaged. Unsure if the dumpster is accessible.(needs confirmation)
  • Starbucks is located right on Main and State Street, and if access to the trash can be determined then most likely should be able to grab day-old baked goods.(needs confirmation)
  • There are lots of smaller restaurants, pizza and sandwich shops that need to be checked out.


See also nearby towns Bethlehem, Hellertown, Kintnersville and Ottsville.


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