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Den Haag (or The Hague) is a city in the Netherlands.

It is not hard to furnish entire house with furniture found on the streets. Dutch love renovating their houses, they throw very good things without doubt just to buy new ones. Each district has one day a month for throwing a bulky stuff away, it is easy to spot it: piles of wood, chairs, closets, sofas...

There are some excellent places for dumpster diving in Den Haag.

Haagse Markt

Open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Great place to find vegetables and fruits. Store-keepers have a bin in their stand, which is not accessible for public. But you can find small amounts of vegetables and fruits around the stalls, in boxes and so on. People are generally kind, asking for the left-overs is considered o.k. Come between 17.00 and 18.00. Location: Herman Costerstraat, between Hobbemaplein and Hoefkade

Organic Market

Open on Wednesday until 18.00-19.00. Generally o.k. to ask for left-overs, no central bins. Shop-keepers take trash with them. Come around 18.30. Location: Hofplaats.

Shopping malls

In de Bogaard, the shopping mall in Rijswijk (suburb of The Hague) has an indoor back yard with a lot of thrash bins used by the shops. Everything is nicely classified. Some bins contain only food, but fresh vegetables are rare, you have more chance to find some cans. Best time for a visit is between 21.00 and 22.00 (the gate is closing at 22.00). The dump is the extension of their garage, nicely isolated and deserted in the evening. It is easy to stay unnoticed but still be careful, it is trespassing and the guards can be around. You need a flashlight and to keep track of the time which is important since you can be locked inside and than you have to climb over the gate with all your catch.

Another shopping mall worth of a night visit is in Mariahoeve. Also big, that one has a rich dump outside. Here guards are more efficient. This one also has gates that close at 22.00.

Remember that Trashwiki recommends to avoid tresspassing and other law-breaking activities - in most cities one can find valuable trash without breaking a law.


There are many Albert Heijns in Den Haag and many of them have their usual trash-bins accessible. Sometimes you can find nice things but they tend to be full mostly with ordinary waste. One Dumpster-Diver once found 20 jars of peanut-butter. Also a good spot for flowers.

See also this list of supermarkets.


<googlemap version="0.9" lat="52.078135" lon="4.31179" type="map" zoom="13"> 52.064787, 4.299002, Den Haag Market Haagse Markt on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Come between 17.00 and 18.00. Ask & Look around. 52.085332, 4.296605, Albert Heijn Laan van Meerdervoort 52. Container accessible. 52.080561, 4.284625, Albert Heijn Conradkade 67 Bin next to entrance. 52.077825, 4.31498, Albert Heijn Spui 34 Bin at the back, until 23.00 52.076794, 4.313371, HEMA Grote Marktstraat 57 Den Haag, Wednesday morning, Some bins at the back 52.067166, 4.330209, Jumbo Bin for meat (and cheese) products up front. Go after closing time to find not-expired goods. 52.067029, 4.295558, Supermarket Small supermarket that during the day stores trash outside. Good to ask the owner. 52.065158, 4.305578, Bakery Several bins. Turkish bakery and groceries-shops. Go before closing time. 52.07886, 4.312949, Organic Market Come between 1800-1900. Ask for left-overs 52.080851, 4.296749, Grocery Shop Small grocery shop that puts trash in boxes just outside the shop. Come before closing-time. 52.078498, 4.304176, De Natuurwinkel Torenstraat 140. Bin at back. Climb the fence. </googlemap>


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