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Here you see dairy products that are already expired and tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will be taken for a disposal. Packed neatly in crates in a store's backyard easily accessible for divers. Photographed in Stockholm, Sweden, December 2008.

Older milk will generally part with its fat making it a bit nasty to use for cereal breakfast and/or tea, however, it is excellent for cooking and using it everywhere where you mix it and heat it, for example, making delicious pancakes, a freegan recipe of which can be something like: dive for some milk, eggs and flour, perhaps a beer (to make it extra crispy), mix it up (be sure to add the eggs first and then the flour to beat out the lumps, and lastly the milk), let it stand for 20 minutes, then heat up a good pan, preferably copper with stainless steel of a gas hob; generously pour butter on the pan and make some of the most delicious pancakes! Goes well with sugar/jam, perhaps even lemon.