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Croatia is an European country placed on the border of Central Europe and (western) Balkans.

Freeganism in Croatia

Welcome to the Balkans! People in these areas still have some common sense regarding food so lots of expired goods are distributed among the employees, regardless of the fact that it is illegal. Still, some things can be found, mostly fruit and veggies, but forget about treasure chests as those found in western and northern parts of Europe. A nice site with supermarket locations and opening hours (or rather: closing hours) is SupermarketInfo, only in Croatian though. Biggest chances are with Konzum stores.

The easiest way of gathering free food is by going to the local open markets (they are quite common) and asking for things that are anyway going to waste. Usually people give you all sorts of nice veggies and fruit. This can also be done in small bakeries and fast food stands, if you approach them at closing hours. Chain-bakeries will not give you anything since all the faulty/unsold products are taken back to the factory and sold the next morning, mainly to farmers and squatters. At least this is the case with PAN-PEK bakeries in Zagreb.

Things might change after Croatia enters EU (July 2013).

Since the imposition of a law on recycling, many are collecting bottles which they get cash in return for, so you can see lots of people digging through trash!

For more detailed info on each location, see template below.

Wild foraging

Croatia has three different climate zones, all close to each other, and there is different things to forage.

Continental part (north eastern part of the country) is a happy foraging place in the end of summer and in autumn. You can pick lots of apples, some plums and pears, as well as a variety of mushrooms. It is also good for wallnuts, chestnuts and hazelnuts (all of which you can find in the nature, as well as cities like Zagreb.) Sometimes you can find zuccini flowers (the orange ones, very yummy fried). In spring there are also cherries and berries like blackberries and wild strawberries.

Mountain area is the thin string in the middle of the country. Foraging is quite similar to the continental area, only the mushrooms are more plentiful as well as snow and cold.

The Mediterranean is what it is. A heaven for nice fruit and herbs. In the wild you can find loads of blackberries and some figs, as well as herbs like rosemary, lavander and other . In the streets you can find figs, grapes, oranges, lemons, mandarines, almonds, some cactus fruit... You can also hunt for seafood, from fishing (it's easy to get fish out, and you can use snails or those small transparent crabs as bait) to snorkeling out clams, snails and urchins or stabbing out octopusses. To make it legal you would need a permit, but you can just decide to ignore it and be careful enough.

Useful phrases

Since relying on your social skills is the easiest way of getting nice food, here are some phrases to plan a conversation:

Hello - Zdravo

I am ... from ... - Ja sam ... iz ...

Is there anything you plan to throw away? - Imate li išta što planirate baciti

Is there anything I can get for free? - Imate li išta što mogu dobiti besplatno

I recycle food. - Recikliram hranu

Do you have old bread? - Imate li starog kruha?


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