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The Cristina Foundation matches up non-profit institutions with private and corporate donors who want to get rid of their computers and other office equipment. The receiving organizations are screened and registered so that the donations are tax-deductible, and donors are assured that the equipment is put to good use, usually in their own community. IRS-acceptable receipts are issued for the items donated.

Donors notify Cristina Foundation that items are available, and the Foundation contacts potential users in the area who expressed an interest in that type of item, and emails them with the list of items to see if they are interested. When a match is made, the donors and receivers contact each other to arrange pickup. Usually the receiver is responsible, but the donor may offer to ship the equipment.

Often older equipment is stored in a closet in an office until it is so obsolete nobody wants it. This is a great way of recycling electronics, and helps non-profits who are always stretched for funds.

Cristina Foundation works mainly in North America.