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Coop may refer to Coop Norden (Coop Nordic) in Scandinavia, Coop in Italy and Coop in Switzerland. These are all different companies not related to each other. See also The Co-operative Food (or simply Co-op).

Coop Norden

Coop Norden is a joint Scandinavian purchasing company, formerly a retail chain. It operates in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Coop Norden chain stores are generally known to have a good selection of organic food.

Coop Norden chains

In Denmark

  • SuperBrugsen
  • Dagli'Brugsen
  • LokalBrugsen
  • Irma
  • Kvickly
  • Kvickly xtra
  • Fakta

In Norway

  • Coop Byggmix - hardware store
  • Coop Elektro - electrical article store
  • Coop Extra - convenience store
  • Coop Kjøkken og Hjem - kitchen and interior store
  • Coop Marked - grocery store
  • Coop Mega - supermarket
  • Coop Obs! - hypermarket
  • Coop Obs! Bygg - hardware
  • Coop Prix - discount store
  • Coop Sport - sport store

In Sweden

  • Coop Forum
  • Coop Bygg
  • Coop Konsum
  • Coop Extra
  • Coop Nära

Coop in Italy

Coop is also the name of the Italian cooperative which operates the largest supermarket chain in Italy.

Coop in Switzerland

There is also an independent Coop in Switzerland. It is a Swiss cooperative which operates the second largest supermarket chain in Switzerland after Migros.