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Building materials are any materials used in the process of construction-before, during, or after. These materials can be really expensive, thus it's quite absurd that one can actually acquire (literally) large amounts of them if you use a bit of social engineering.


  • Visit deconstruction sites and ask what stuff they want to get rid of. Of course you need the right location and the right vehicle to deal with this due to obvious reasons
  • After construction, some commercial buildings leave large dumpsters containing debris from construction on site.


  • In March 2011 guaka had a ride from the founder of the Verbeke Foundation who was driving a big car with a big heavily loaded trailer filled with perfectly good building materials he had picked up from a deconstruction site in Rotterdam.
  • One activist in Lithuania built a whole house using mostly found construction material. His blog about construction process is found here (in Lith.).
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