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You can find fully-functioning computers on the street (or in so called waste rooms and recycling centers, like grovsoprum in Sweden) in some cities around the world.

There are a few brands/models of computer that require no tools to repair or remove the parts within, but most of them require at the very least a Phillips screwdriver, so it's a good idea to take one along with you. The first thing dumpster divers tend to do with computers is to take the RAM and processor and leave the rest, so you have to be quick to find that stuff.

CRT monitors are thrown away a great deal these days (2004-2008 at least) because of the transition to LCD displays, so if you need a CRT monitor, the average one you find on the street that's 15 to 17 inches diagonally will be fully-functional. If the cord is cut, however, the monitor probably doesn't work.

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