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If one needs clothes they should be at closing times of flea markets. One can also obtain clothes for free at recycling centers (waste rooms), and during the "Market days" events organized by local "Really really free market" (RRFM) activists (which is a grass-root movement and even you can "hop in" and organize such an event).

It's good to check if one's friends would be up for a bit of clothes swapping - things you're bored of or don't fit you anymore might make your friend happy, and vice versa.

Clothes and more at the Tel Aviv flea market.

It's often appreciated to keep a box of give-away clothes at hand for guests. Travellers often need to change their minimal wardrobe depending on weather circumstances as dictated by the region.

"Market day" in a park in Stockholm organized by local "Really really free market" (RRFM) activists (and connected to climate issues in this case). Hanging clothes are free for anyone to take.