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Cleveland is a city in the state of Ohio within the USA. It's cultural and counter-cultural identity divides significantly between the west and east sides of the city, and groups and individuals interested in dumpster diving and trash picking will find the territory different depending on their neighborhood. Due to interpersonal conflicts in recent years, the city's once unified Food Not Bombs group has divided into two separate groups meeting on different sides of the downtown area. Both sides also sport very active Freecycle groups.

West Side

Some vendors at the West Side Market will, like many open food markets, allow gleaners to take unused produce at the end of the night. Lakewood's Nature's Bin and Bread Smith have also donated unsalable goods to Food Not Bombs efforts in the past, and may be receptive to hungry people seeking usable foodstuffs.

East Side

Like most college neighborhoods, University Circle and the area surrounding it are ripe for diving come student move outs in the beginning of summer, and electronic goods, furniture and clothing are abundant in residential dumpsters around Case Western and the Cleveland Institute of Art at these times. While the East Cleveland Food Co-op once proved a useful resource for produce, sushi and baked goods, it was sadly closed in the summer of 2011. The nearby Corbo's Bakery in Little Italy, however, still jettisons a significant amount of fresh bread and pastries, although like many bakeries, employees are often present into the late hours of the night, making it a risky site.

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