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Bristol, a city and a county in England, it's one of the UK's cultural and consumer hot-spots. It's amazing for skipping if you know where to go! Have in mind though that skipping is illegal in UK and you can get even arrested and the staff actually have a right to tell you to go away... Nevermind, it never actually happens if you don't make too much noise, leave the place tidy, etc. (check the diver's etiquette before you go on a hunt!). Bear in mind that UK is a true Big-Brother country and areas around shops are under constant CCTV surveilance. Wear a hood or something similiar to protect your identity.

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="51.469761" lon="-2.576151" type="map" zoom="13"> </googlemap> See it in Google Maps and edit it here.

Still... So many shops like to protect(!) their garbage by keeping bins inside or locking them.

Your best bets:

  • Marks and Spencer in Broadmead shopping centre (yes, they do use blue paint and squash food sometimes and it's not good to go during day (due to busy shopping centre area)... but!.. it's a very good skip for salads and no people around midnight)
  • Tesco (most of the Tesco stores hide their skips though),
  • Pizza Hut (just pizza (tons of!), but most of the time you can find vegan pizza bases too)
  • Iceland (bins are locked inside during the night and food can be rescued just during opening hours. There are two Iceland stores in Bristol).
  • Sainsburys on Queen's Road is a good 'un. To get to their skips, go round the back by turning left off Queens Street up University Road and then your first left onto Elmdale Road- the skips are inside their shutters but they're usually open during the day. on Google Maps
  • Waitrose off the triangle is the new hotspot. Just opened and they haven't sorted out their stock yet, so go to the left of the Waitrose down the hill and access the skips by turning right into their loading bay, the skips are inside their shutters and there's sometimes a particularly ball-bustin security guard. Sometimes the skips are locked. On Google Maps.

Unfortunately, some Aldi and Lidl are said to have bins locked.

Small veg and fruit shops are really good too, most of the best ones are located on the Stapleton road.

If you want to meet/join fellow skippers, squatters, freegans, anarchists, activists etc., come to Kebele social centre and people will share local skipping knowledge with you! Vegan cafe is open Saturdays 11am-2pm and Sundays 6-9pm.

Bristol is just 12 miles away from Bath and there's a very famous cycling path that connects them.

Open the Google map in a separate window to see more locations.

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