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Ciney is a small city in wallonian Belgium. Its bins fed both the pre- and the posthitchgathering 2013. From Lidl you can directly hitch out direction Dinant and further.

There are three good locations in town, all at different corners of the city.

Colruyt: drinks only, and quite dodgy to access, too. If you go behind the building on the right, you´ll see an area surrounded by a fence where they store new drinks (loads of crates of beer and lemonades and stuff like that). You´ll see a door there, too, and next to the door you´ll see blue plastic crates filled with thrown away beer and lemonades.

Lidl: has small bins for glass stuff (pesto, beer, sauces, honey) and big green boxes (about 0,5m³ each) mostly filled with really nive vegetables, sometimes also packaged stuff (mostly on the bottom). Best daytime option of ciney.

Carrefour: some bins in a cage, almost always unlocked. When you go there during the day be really quiet. Most of the things is in big bags, just take a big bag and take it out and do the sorting somewhere else. Normally only a small percentage of the content of the bag is unusable anyways. Good source for bread, cheese, fish and meet, but also veggies, sweets and drinks. (Last checked: Oct 2014)


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