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Cincinnati is a city in Ohio, USA.

Dumpster diving

All of the Wholefoods in the area have compactors and so does fresh market. Trader Joes's is the best in the city, it is just far away from the downtown area.

A good map of dumpster diving locations can be found here.

  • The Trader Joe's in Kenwood has an awesome dumpster filled with really great food. (Last checked: November 2010)
  • Brugers Bagles on Clifton Ave. also has a good dumpster. Be sure to go to the trash cans first because they tend to have the day olds. (Last checked: November 2010)
  • Marx Hot Bagles on Kenwood road also has a great dumpster - lots of good bread and bagles. (Last checked: November 2010)
  • Aldi in Pleasent Ridge has a good dumpster too. Lots of low quality food. (Last checked: November 2010)
  • 1/2 price bookstores have amaaaaaazzzziiiinnnnggg dumpsters and recycling bins. Great books, mags, cds, dvds, and tons of other stuff. (Last checked: November 2010)
  • add more?