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Bread rescued from Iceland's bins in Roath, Cardiff

Cardiff, or Caerdydd in Welsh, is the capital, largest city and most populous county of Wales. It offers good dumpster diving opportunities, as well as probably other freegan possibilities.

Dumpster diving

Actual spots


  • The Co-operative on Cowbridge Road East have bins on the side of the supermarket. (Last checked: August 2013)
  • Fruit and Veg Stall next to The Foresters leave vegetables and fruit in boxes in front of the stall after they have closed, around 5pm. (Last checked: January 2011)
  • Tesco closest to Cowbridge Road West near Victoria Park on Cowbridge Road East keeps their bins next to the shop and throws everything out late at night ar around 1am. Bins unlocked. - Bins are locked away and not accessable anymore. (Last checked: July 2012)

Cardiff Bay

  • Tesco's have bins around the back. Best to go there during the night, as security are not keen on dumpster divers. (Last checked: December 2010)


  • The Co-opertive on Crwys Road have bins behind the store and they are not locked. Get there early because this is a very popular bin! (Last checked: June 2012)
  • Tesco's on Salsbury Road have a bin on the street usually during daytime. It is not accesable after they have closed as they are put behind shutters, so you need to check in the day, but watch out for employers who will threaten calling the police if they see you taking food. (Last checked: June 2012)
  • Sainsburys on Woodville Road have bags of baked products and sandwiches out in front of the shop around 7am. (Last checked: March 2011)


  • SPAR opposite Queen Street Station have bins on the side, where you can get food after they have closed. You will need a bin key as they lock the bins. (Last checked: August 2012)


  • SPAR on Fairwater Green has its bins next to the shop, and the gates are rarely locked into the dumpster yard. (Last checked: February 2011)


  • Tesco on the bottom of Clare Road have a dumpster in the back car park. You will need a bin key. (Last checked: August 2012)
  • Pizza Hut down the bottom of Grangetown have dumpsters where you can get pizza's as well as pizza bases. (Last checked: 2011)


  • Co-Op on Station Road in Llanishen village. The dumpster is around the back of the store. Good for a variety of things, good source for bread. (Last checked: June 2012)
  • Starbucks has a bin behind the store and is good for sandwiches. (Last checked: June 2012)

North Road

  • Tesco You can access their bins by climbing into the locked cage from the side. (Last checked: June 2012)


  • Waitrose: you need to climb the fence around the back and then you can jump in to their back yard and open the gate from the inside. They have two or three huge dumpsters. Sometimes they are full of food, other times, not much. (Last checked: June 2012)


  • Tesco's on Albany Road put out a dumpster outside the store on the street, but usually between 3am-5am, but sometimes in the day. (Last checked: June 2012)
  • Iceland on Albany Road have dumpsters around the back on Arabella Street. They are sometimes locked and security are known to stop dumpster divers from taking loot. They now have chains on them so skipping not so possible here anymore :-( (Last checked: September 2012)
  • Fruit and Veg Store have bins on the bottom of Albany Road. (Last checked: December 2010)
  • Tesco's on Wellfield Road has bins in the alley behind - often lots of bread and cake! (Last checked: june 2012)
  • Masala Bazar on Richmond Road, have bins around the back you can access. You can get various Asian vegetables, pickles and flours. Also chocolates and squash juice. (Last checked: June 2012)
  • Adnan's is a small family run cornershop on Moy Road / Donald Street. They have a small red bin which is usually full of Asian vegetables. (Last checked: June 2012)


  • SPAR on the High Street have dumpsters around the back, which you can access down a narrow back street. You can get vegetables, sandwiches and baked goods in their bins. (Last checked: June 2012)


  • Co-op have dumpsters around the back, with easy access. There is no longer access to bins (Last checked: Sept 2015)
  • Iceland have dumpsters around the back, with easy access. (Last checked: Sept 2015)
  • Tesco's on the A470 crossing have dumpsters around the back, with easy access. (Last checked: Sept 2015)


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